So What Do Investigators Do?

Private Investigator

Have you thought about becoming a Private Investigator? While we’ve all seen Sherlock Holmes, private investigations isn’t really about the interesting hat and the magnifying glass, to be honest, it’s not about that at all.

The investigation process involves searching for facts that seek to prove or disprove an assertion. It is about a search for facts that leads to the truth.

So, what questions do investigators usually ask?

  • What occurred
  • When it occurred
  • Why it occurred
  • Where it occurred
  • How it occurred
  • Who or what was responsible

Remember, there are always at least 3 truths! The “truth” of two opposing parties…. and the “real truth”.

Investigators need to explore potential sources of information, seek, and gather the relevant information and analyse and present it in an evidentially factual manner.

As a Private Investigator in Queensland, it is most likely that you will carry out sub-contracting work for one or many organisations. Private Investigators are required to have a unique set of skills that Asset Training Australia will be able to assist you in acquiring before you begin your first big investigative job.

  • Driving skills
    • So you can conceal your identity, but still have eye on the target at all times
  • Public speaking
    • At some point, it is likely you will be asked to stand up and give evidence in court
  • Video and Audio
    • Ensuring your target is either clearly able to be identified or heard in video and sound
  • Writing skills
    • Private Investigators need to know how to write reports, prepare documents for court and take notes during interviews

There is so much more to becoming a successful PI and with the help of Asset Training Australia’s Certificate III in Investigative Services, you could be on your way to a career that’s just a little out of the ordinary!

Find out more about the requirements for Private Investigations here or about the career opportunities here.
For licensing requirements, please visit the Office of Fair Trading website.

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