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Encircle – North Coast – Skilling Queenlanders for Work

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Three fully Funded Training Opportunities – Targeting ex ADF Members, their families and individuals transitioning out of the ADF, AFP and other security agencies.

Encircle and EDit  have partnered with Asset College deliver three programs aiming to support Queenslanders into sustainable employment via formal qualification outcomes supplemented by employability training and support.

Promoting yourself better, obtaining nationally recognised qualifications and having direct access to employers seeking people like you.  If that sounds like something you want, please continue to read on.

The Encircle / EDIT program delivers nationally recognised qualifications (Certificate III in Security Operations and Certificate III in Business Administration) plus our Defence career transition and workplace integration course which is all proudly funded by the Queensland Government through its Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative.  The EDIT training and each of the Certificate courses are combined into one training program.

Because of the comprehensive career transition and workplace integration components of this program, employers seeking staff with these qualifications will favour you over other people who only have the qualification.  EDit have a range of employers waiting for the completion of each course to offer long term meaningful employment.

Three funded programs are available, each with 10 places per program:

  • Career in Security Operations – including funded Certificate III Security Operations (x2 – One delivered).



2pm    Security Operations Info Session


Program Delivery Dates

Security Operations
4 Weeks – Core Duration
Results in Certificate III in Security Operations
Security Licence Included

All Programs are fully funded for eligible persons and include:

  • Career Direction Assistance
  • Learning career and labour market information
  • Finding relevant Job vacancies
  • Qualification Gap Analysis
  • Employability Skills Training
  • Employment related referrals and activity

What is Skilling Queenslanders for Work?

What is Skilling Queenslanders for Work?
Skilling Queenslanders for Work helps eligible Queenslanders develop skills, gain qualifications and provide direct assistance to enter and stay in the workforce. Community Work Skills assists disadvantaged Queenslanders to gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications up to a certificate III level regardless of existing Qualifications held.

How you will benefit?
In addition to receiving your formal qualification you will also be placed in a tailored supportive program catered to your needs as a learner. This training is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government through it’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work Initiative. Visit the Skilling Queenslanders for Work website for more information or contact us at our Head Office.

Career Pathways

The Security Industry welcomes persons of every age, male and female, regardless of previous employment history or experience.

Graduates of this program will be referred for employment opportunities with key employer partners within general and aviation security. Key employers include, but not limited to, ISS, MSS Security, SecureCorp, SNP Security and Wilson Security.

Business Administration is a key skill when seeking employment within an office environment.

Skills in business administration are highly valued by employers at any level. With administration, you are not limited to a specific workforce, you can literally take your pick!

A Certificate III in Business Administration will give you the foundations for employment in an office environment, across all kinds of industries.

The skills you learn in a Certificate III in Business Administration can also assist you in re-entering the workforce and to build on your existent knowledge of business processes, time management and organisation as well as working within diverse team

Eligibility and Target Group For SQW

Who can participate on a SQW project?

Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) primarily targets Queensland residents who are:

  • ineligible for Australian Government employment
    services or assistance; or
  • require complementary services because they
    have significant barriers to learning and
    employment; or
  • have accessed Australian Government services for
    more than six months and remain unemployed.
  • Key target groups for SQW include:
  • young people (15-24 years), including those in and
    transitioned from out-of-home care
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • mature age jobseekers (45+ years)
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse
  • people with disability
  • women re-entering the workforce
  • veterans, ex-Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families.
  • More broadly, disadvantaged jobseekers and underutilised Queensland workers are able to access assistance under SQW. Participants who fall into this category do not have to belong to one of the target groups listed above.

Entry Requirements

Participants must be:

  • Queensland resident
  • aged 15 years or older
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent
    resident (includes humanitarian entrant),
    temporary resident with the necessary visa and
    work permits on a pathway to permanent
    residency, or a New Zealand citizen

View Skilling Queenslanders for Work Eligibility Fact sheet here

Enquire Now

To enquire and register please contact

Paul Smith
Ex-Defence Integration Team
1300 00 EDIT (3348)
0437 629 945