Static Security and Crowd Control

static security crowd control

Static Security and Crowd Control

Written by Asset College Security Trainer, Andy Lowen

Private security services include a wide range of roles with a multitude of purposes. Two of the most common services are Static Security and Crowd Control.

Static Security Services

This is a manpower role usually in a fixed location. A static guard’s duty is to protect premises, assets, and personnel by being a deterrent presence to prevent illegal or inappropriate actions.

A static security guard has many vital roles and is essentially there to man a post and ensure there is no unauthorised entry to premises or restricted areas and provide protection of people and property in their area or zone.

Static guards can be seen everywhere such as inside and outside banks, industrial sites, housing estates, gatehouses, government buildings, retail centres, medical centres and construction sites.

One of the many vital roles of a static guard is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols to safeguard property, prevent accidents, identify offences, and take preventative action.

Static security guards perform their patrols at different times of the day and night and should change their routes regularly to ensure an element of surprise, should an incident occur. If anything untoward happens a static guard’s duties are to observe, record and report in an appropriate report or log usually maintaining communications with and direction from control or base. This serves as important evidence should the police require it.

Another key duty of a static guard is access control at the entry to a premises or zones within it. They admit people and vehicles in a controlled way by checking identification, passes, taking names or payment. Access control duties can also incorporate CCTV monitoring, greeting customers or clients, giving directions, recording visitors, and conducting searches on vehicles and bags.

Static security guards can be extremely versatile. Their range of services can be tailored to a client’s needs and be integrated into a company’s operations. For example, they might be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all rules and regulations laid down by your company, such as a no smoking policy, are being obeyed by all members of staff.
  • Helping with environmental issues and reducing company energy bills with things such as turning off any lights that are unnecessary during patrols etc.
  • Escorting staff who are working late or after hours or conducting special tasks safely to their vehicles.

Static guarding requires good communication, observation, situational awareness, and presentation skills. It is the most utilised and varied role in the industry and a good opportunity for newly licensed guards to gain valuable experience.

Crowd Control Security Services

The main role of a crowd controller is to maintain order in a public place. This was originally a duty for police officers however since the increase in crime rates, introduction of large shopping centres and privatisation of large venues and stadiums etc. the need for security presence in a proactive capacity has become paramount. Crowd controllers can be seen at sporting events, concerts, political summits, community functions, festivals, private parties & functions, pubs, and clubs.

Crowd controllers will direct crowds in the direction they are to travel as well as be a source of information. Just as importantly, crowd control is on hand to quell any disruption to proceedings, nullify conflict and disputes, and maintain a high level of order so everyone can enjoy the event, and nothing gets out of hand. This type of security can be particularly challenging when trouble erupts, and it takes a team of highly skilled professionals to effectively manage large crowds with minimum of trouble or personal injury.

Crowd controllers must be able to communicate with staff and visitors to effectively perform these duties. They use radios to communicate with other staff members and first responders in case of an emergency.

Crowd controllers must be able to observe the crowd and identify potential dangers, such as someone trying to bypass security or someone in distress.  A crowd controller must also be able to assess situations and use problem-solving skills to come up with solutions to issues such as unruly attendees or disabled visitors in need of assistance.

Ultimately crowd controllers must be able to keep the environment safe and secure by keeping unruly attendees at bay and protecting the public. A crowd controller must be able to escort unruly and disorderly patrons out of an event or venue to protect other patrons using professionally trained techniques.

A crowd controller must also be able to enforce rules and regulations while monitoring the crowd to make sure everyone is safe. This includes enforcing rules about where to park, where to stand, what items are allowed or not allowed on the premises and other restrictions. A crowd controller must be able to guide guests to their seats, provide directions to restrooms, help disabled visitors and other attendees and assist visitors who have questions.

Crowd controllers use good communication skills and must be able to think quickly in stressful situations and be prepared for any situation that may arise and know what to do when an unruly situation occurs. It is also important to stay updated on any event changes, rules and regulations and any other information that may be helpful for managing a large group of people. Other key attributes for crowd control include the ability to:

  • Stay patient when working with unruly attendees and always try to solve the situation in a calm, peaceful manner.
  • Be tactful when managing crowds and always use the right words and tone when speaking with people.
  • Always be prepared and have a plan in place for emergency situations.
  • Be flexible in your approach and use different strategies to address different types of problems.

Crowd control is a great way to meet new people and if you like being around a lot of people, have strong communication skills and enjoy problem-solving, then this might be a good career choice.

Many people who work in this industry enjoy the challenge of dealing with difficult situations, working as part of a team to solve problems, and making sure everyone remains safe.

If you’re interested in finding out more about working in static security or crowd control, register for one of our free career information sessions.

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