‘After 18 Years Of Being A Stay At Home Mum, I’m Now Back In The Workforce!’

‘After 18 Years Of Being A Stay At Home Mum, I’m Now Back In The Workforce!’

I absolutely recommend Asset College and Asset Recruiting.

Let me start at the beginning and try to make a long story short…. I’ve been a stay-at-home parent for the past 18 years, picking up casual employment here and there.

During my time at a job network agency doing various training and looking for work programs I met Mike Addicott whose expertise was in the security industry.

This piqued my interest to follow a goal I had in my early 20’s but didn’t have the life skills to follow through.

I searched for the nearest security training company and discovered Asset College at North Lakes. I enrolled into their government funded, Certificate III in Security Operations course.

The trainer James and team were highly experienced and shared their skills and knowledge throughout the course. I completed the training and acquired my Security Provider’s Licence.

Just as I was about to apply for work I was given the great news that I was in early stages of pregnancy with baby no. 4. Not confident in my thinking and physical fitness I held off, keeping my licence current and attending a pre-screening when I was 38 weeks to keep connected and find out what opportunities were available.

I was then surprised to meet Mike again who continued to share his valuable advice on how to be job ready and present to potential employers, a brief explanation of the companies within the industry and what they do, the various roles available as a security provider and crowd controller, from resume advice and presentation to personalising interview skills and continuing with regular email updates of positions available – the rest is up to you!

Fast forward 20mths and baby girl starts daycare, one son starts University, another starts highschool and another in his final primary school year and I’ve been binge watching Netflix series way too much…

I get a call from Robyn at Asset Recruiting to check if I was still interested in looking for security work and if everything was up to date…   48 hrs later and many email collaborations to gather my documents and Resume. I attended another pre-screening, applied for 2 positions and attended an employer connections meeting.

Robyn has been fantastic, she helped me get past the various confidence barriers I had about entering the workforce and being as professional as I could possibly be – I almost didn’t recognise myself and wondered why I had ever found it difficult.

2 weeks later I have had 3 days off total. I worked Schoolies week on the Gold Coast from the first company I applied to. I have regular venue shifts closer to home with CAP Security – the first company I signed on with, my feet hurt, and I’ve lost 4 kgs of post baby weight.

I have met so many people from all walks of life and various levels of their career.

It has been amazing, and I will always be grateful to the entire ASSET team for their knowledge and support in the industry – it has paid off and I’m up and running in an industry I have aspired to work in since forever.

Thank you to Sheree for allowing us to share her story.

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