Steve Jobs Was An Awesome Project Manager

awesome project manager

This month at Asset College, we’re focusing on our project management skills. Both for our staff and our students as well! Which got us to thinking of some of the people we could look up to as great role models in project management.

In reality, some of the most famous people in the world were exceptional Project Managers – without the title. Every professional, in every industry, can and does benefit from being able to successfully manage a project – because almost everything we do in our lives can be defined as project management.

Take for instance, the late Steve Jobs. Jobs pioneered entrepreneurialism in a whole new way and as a result, successfully launched and continued to astound customers at Apple. This, in part, can be attributed to his project management skills.


Steve Jobs was a decisive leader. He always had a strong idea about which direction he wanted the company to go in – which was important in ensuring that his employees also knew where the company was headed and what they had to do to get it there. This direction allowed for strategic planning.


Steve was able to convince just about anyone to follow him. And there is no denying – that just about all of us did! This was an important trait for Jobs as a Project Manager and for all Project Managers. Become the Pied Piper of the project.


No project is ever completed by one man alone. Steve Jobs viewed the development of Apple’s products as something that must be collaborated on. He ensured he met with key players from all departments, which communicated to them the importance of their role to the end product. It is absolutely essential for Project Managers to be in communication with team members throughout the life of the project and to encourage feedback and collaboration.

So, Steve Jobs was an awesome Project Manager – but he never had that title. And neither might you in your current role. But, project management skills can be applied across all industries and roles as can be seen from the success of Steve Jobs.

Do you emanate Steve’s skills in your own business or want too? Find out more about our project management courses through both online flexible delivery and recognition of prior learning today and start your journey.

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