Stocktake Your Skills Before EOFY

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Stocktake Your Skills Before EOFY

End of financial year has arrived very quickly. A lot has happened in the previous months and all of us have gone through periods of great change.

Some of us have been stood down, our hours reduced or some of us have seen our workloads increase dramatically. Without a doubt, the events of the last few months have had an impact on us all.

While we are not completely out of the woods yet, it’s important at significant points throughout the year to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go.

For our professional lives, this can mean determining new skills we have acquired over the past year. EOFY is a great time to do a stocktake of your skills.

1. Take stock of your skills

Do you know what skills you might have acquired over the previous year? Now is a great time to reflect on any new role requirements or professional development that you have undertaken. Not only is it a great exercise to celebrate your progress (we all need a bit of good news) but literally taking stock of your skills can reveal some new opportunities for you. Get out a piece of paper and jot it all down now.

2. Determine qualifications aligned to your existing skills

For some of us the last couple of months have meant that we have had to adapt in our working or volunteering lives. We may have had to take on new roles, more work, work across multiple departments or become a leader for teams that we never had responsibility for. After you have taken stock of your skills, think about what qualification areas these skills might now be aligned to that you don’t already hold. It could be a level higher than previous or it could be a new area altogether.

We can help with this!

3. Complete a Free Skills Assessment with Asset College

Pull together your skill stocktake and use it to update your resume. If your position description has changed altogether, ensure you have an outline of your new responsibilities and it is without a doubt that you have developed many new documents or processes and procedures throughout the last couple of months that could be used towards your skills recognition.

Grab all these documents together and upload them to our free skills assessment! You don’t even have to really know what qualification areas you might be eligible for – our highly skilled assessors can help you with this! It takes 5 minutes and you will have a list of options within 24 business hours!

4. Be recognised

Use our EOFY specials to gain that qualification that shows the new transferable skills you have gained. With 30% off RPL across almost all of our qualifications, EOFY is the best time to complete your skill stocktake and contact Asset College.

5. Speak to your accountant

Speak to your accountant about how the qualifications you may be eligible for RPL can be used as self-education expense deductions for your tax return this financial year!

Its time for a skill stocktake today! Contact us and we can help.

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