Industry set to soar as skills shortage calls for more people to study cyber security

study cyber security

Study Cyber Security: Industry set to soar as skills shortage calls for more people

The Cyber Security Industry is growing not just in Australia but also overseas with many opting to study cyber cyber security.

As we become more reliant on online systems for shopping, studying and socialising the need for secure systems becomes more pressing, with 8 out of 10 Australians having some sort of social media and 28.6 billion spent on online shopping in 2019 alone, cyber security has become integral to our lives.

Gaps in the current employment market

Every company with an online presence requires cyber security run effectively and safely and this has exposed a gap in the employment market.

According to the Institute of Data, Australia is experiencing a skills shortage in the Cyber Security sector with 2300 cyber security workers needed in the industry, this number is expected to sky rocket over the next few years with an expected demand of 17,600 additional cyber security experts by 2026.

This skills shortage is driving up the wage expectations for the industry with average salary starting at $75k and climbing to $120k.

This is an industry that looks set to continue expanding both in Australia and overseas with experts predicting exponential growth in the next 10 years. Now seems like a great time to study cyber security in Australia.

The industry is getting big, fast

Alex Ross, former advisor to the US Secretary of State and author of The Industries of the Future wrote about this phenomenon in Wired saying “However growth of the industry takes shape, one point that I have never heard anyone even try to rebut is that the industry is going to get very big very fast. If a college student asked me what career would most assure 50 years of steady, well-paying employment, I would say cyber security. The growth is steep, the need will be sustained, and this need currently comes up against a major talent shortage. The qualified job candidates are too few.”

For anyone wanting a long term career with great opportunities for advancement, excellent job security and an attractive salary package you can’t go wrong with Cyber Security.

You may be wondering what you’ll need to get started in Cyber Security and if this industry will would be right for you.

This industry suits those with an analytical mind and creative problem-solving skills, you’ll need a basic understanding of computers and programming languages and good communication skills and of a course, a qualification in Cyber Security. Get your start in this fast-growing industry today!

Study Cyber Security with Asset College.

Our Certificate IV in Cyber Security is available now and we also offer a range of other qualifications in this area, contact one of our course advisors to discuss your options.

For information about other skill areas, check out our post about important work skills or why not read our student success stories. 

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