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Traineeship programs are designed to help you earn while you learn. Undertaking a traineeship provides you with a unique experience to work towards a nationally recognised qualification, combined with real on-the-job experience.

A traineeship is essentially a partnership between the trainee, the host employer and the registered training organisation. Each party has obligations and responsibilities to ensure a successful outcome from the traineeship for the participant.

A number of qualifications offered by ASSET can be delivered as a traineeship. The most popular qualifications delivered under the traineeship model at Asset College are:

You can view all courses offered at Asset College here.

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Information For Employers

The Sign Up Process

Before signing your employee up for a traineeship, you should undertake research to find the most suitable course for their job role. Trainees should be enrolled into qualifications that help them build their skills, not a qualification where they already have those skills.

Once you have decided on the qualification with your trainee:

  1. Choose and contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider and complete the trainee signup.
  2. The AASN will send us the SRTO notification advising us that we are the selected training provider for this candidate.
  3. On receipt of this notification, our Training Coordinator will sign the SRTO notification and send back to the AASN accepting the traineeship/s.
  4. We will also make contact with you and your trainee to facilitate the enrolment process.
  5. Payment in full is required by the employer before the issuance of a training plan.

For enrolment we will need to know:

  • How many trainees in the workplace are completing the same qualification under a traineeship.
  • Who the direct supervisor/supervisors will be for these trainees. The selected supervisor will have to hold at a minimum the same level of qualification that the trainee is studying or higher. If the supervisor holds no formal qualifications, then we need some type of evidence that they will be qualified to supervise the trainee.
  • If the traineeship is being conducted in QLD, the employer will also need to complete an Employer Resource Assessment prior to enrolment being confirmed.

Other Information

  • Trainees will undertake self-paced online study. They will have access to their dedicated trainer via email and can schedule phone conversations with their trainer to ask questions about their assessments, if required.
  • If an employer requires site visits for their trainee, please discuss this with our team prior to enrolment. Site visits are not included in the standard cost of the course.
  • There are no discounts available on traineeship enrolments.
  • There are no payment plans available for traineeship enrolments.
  • Asset College does not offer User Choice funding.
  • If a current apprentice or trainee would like to access Certificate 3 Guarantee, prior written approval from the Department is required. The AASN or student should contact their regional office should they wish to put a business case forward. This only applies to Queensland.
  • Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) funding is not available for a qualification being completed via a traineeship.
  • There are no refunds on traineeship enrolments. Please refer to our refund policy.
  • Course fees are not transferable to another trainee in the instance that a trainee may cease employment with an organisation.
  • Employers are required to communicate any changes relating to the trainees employment status with Asset College within 30 days. E.g. if the traineeship is cancelled, if they are moving to another RTO or the trainee ceases employment.

Supervisors should be actively supporting their trainees in the workplace.

Employers need to be providing regular time at work for trainees to complete learning and assessments during work hours. This is to be negotiated between the employer and the trainee and the amount of time should be dependent on the qualification level. Examples include 1 training day a month or a couple of hours each week.

If trainees are not progressing in accordance with their signed training plan, Asset College may be required to advise the AASN and other regulatory authorities responsible for administering traineeships of this.

If you would like an update on your trainees progression, please contact [email protected]. Please allow at least 2 business days for a response regarding your trainees progression.

Information for Trainees

The Sign Up Process

Before signing up for a traineeship, work with your employer to research a course that would be most beneficial for you to learn new skills relevant to your current role.

If you would like to be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning or provide previous qualifications for credit transfer, please advise us of this at the time of enrolment. We will need to determine the units of competency you need to study prior to the issuance of a training plan.

Keep in mind that recognition of prior learning is to recognise you for your existing skills and experience. If you already have all the skills and knowledge relevant to the qualification you are enrolling in under a traineeship, you may want to consider other qualifications available to you. RPL cannot be claimed for skills gained since commencing a traineeship.

Asset College’s standard course offerings include pre-selected units of competency which meet the requirements for the majority of our students. These are listed on the relevant course page of our website. If you would like to choose different units that better suit your worklace, we can discuss developing an individual learning plan for an additional fee (see fee schedule) prior to commencement of the course. Note that not all elective units listed on are available through our RTO.

To enrol you will need to:

  1. Complete an Enrolment Form
  2. Provide us with your Unique Student Identifier
  3. Provide us with valid photo identification
  4. Complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy quiz
  5. Sign your training plan

Once all of these steps are complete, you will be enrolled into our online learning portal and issued your first unit to begin studying.

Other Information

Your training plan will include dates for submission of each unit of competency and the list of units that you will be completing under this traineeship.

Although your training contract may state a time period for completion of your traineeship, it is a requirement of studying with Asset College that you submit at a minimum 1 unit of competency per month. This helps to keep you motivated and on track in your online studies.

We will release to you one unit of competency at a time to work on. As you complete each unit, a new one will be released to you. Students will not be released more than 3 units at any one time. This is to not overwhelm you, assist with your study progression and to keep you focused.

Your trainer will contact you regularly to support you through your traineeship. Please contact your trainer as first point of call for any questions about your course via email. You can also schedule phone calls with your trainer to clarify anything in regards to your assessments.

If you are requiring more time to complete your studies, please talk to your employer to negotiate reasonable time to complete your training during work hours. Trainees may also be required to study in their own time to meet the requirements of their course.

If you plan to cease employment with your current employer under the traineeship, you can request to transfer your traineeship to a new employer and continue studying your course. You can contact your AASN provider to complete this paperwork and advise us that you wish to continue your traineeship with ASSET under a new employer.

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