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What’s It Like To Work In Airport Security?


What's It Like To Work In Airport Security? Airport security is a very guarded industry and rightfully so. In order to keep passengers, airline staff and everyone else safe - the procedures, systems, and policies used in airport security need to be safe guarded. For this same reason anyone even…

Women in Aviation Security Protection

aviation security protection

Women in Aviation Security Protection Student Success Story: Lauren Paton Lauren Paton is now a promising young Aviation Protection Officer with the Brisbane airport but as she told ASSET during a recent chat, she always had an interest in airport security and border protection.    As a seasoned traveller Lauren was in and…

How To Become An Aviation Protection Officer

how to become an aviation protection officer

How to become an Aviation Protection Officer If you’ve decided it’s time for you to change careers or increase your job prospects in the security industry, Congratulations! The aviation industry is a great industry to work in – especially as a Security Officer and opens up many diverse work opportunities…

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