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Is ASSET the same as TAFE?

wondering if asset college is the same as TAFE

Is ASSET the same as TAFE? Well, same same, but different. [Updated 20th of March, 2023] We get asked this question often - is ASSET the same as TAFE?    Prospective students and clients looking to find the right training provider to suit their needs are often wondering what the differences…

How do I get experience, when employers only want the ‘experienced’?

work experience

It’s the age old saying, ‘How am I supposed to get work experience, if they don’t give me any experience?!’. The job market these days is tough, and it seems like almost every job advertisement mentions those few ghastly little words, ‘must have experience’. So, how do you get experience…

Why Should I Study A Certificate III?

why should I study a certificate iii

Why Should I Study A Certificate III? If you’re looking to change careers or find a steady job, a Certificate III qualification could be just the thing to help you achieve your goals!  Certificate III qualifications are entry-level and they can help you get started in a different career or…

So What Do Investigators Do?

what do private investigators do

So What Do Private Investigators Do? [Updated 16th March, 2023] When someone asks 'what does a private investigator do?', what do you picture? You might have a mental vision of a middle-aged man, in a trench coat and a fedora. Sleuthing his way through a parking garage, taking pictures with…

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