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Is ASSET the same as TAFE?


Is ASSET the same as TAFE? Well, same same, but different. We get asked this question all of the time from prospective students and clients looking to find the right training provider to suit their needs. We thought we’d explain how Asset is different, but still the same as TAFE…

How do I get experience, when employers only want the ‘experienced’?

work experience

It’s the age old saying, ‘How am I supposed to get work experience, if they don’t give me any experience?!’. The job market these days is tough, and it seems like almost every job advertisement mentions those few ghastly little words, ‘must have experience’. So, how do you get experience…

Why should I study a Certificate III?

Certificate III

Are you looking for a steady job? Perhaps a change of career? Ever thought about how a Certificate III qualification could help you improve your chances of gaining employment or changing your life? Studying isn’t for everyone, but there are so many reasons why in 2016, you should grab the…

So What Do Investigators Do?

Private Investigator

Have you thought about becoming a Private Investigator? While we’ve all seen Sherlock Holmes, private investigations isn’t really about the interesting hat and the magnifying glass, to be honest, it’s not about that at all. The investigation process involves searching for facts that seek to prove or disprove an assertion.…

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