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Skill Shortages

skill shortages

Skill Shortages According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2020 saw the largest unemployment rates in Australia since 1998. Areas where work was once abundant, drastically reduced or ceased to exist completely in some areas. Australians who had worked in the same job for 20 years suddenly found themselves unemployed…

Australian employers say they can’t get the right people with the skills they need

employment skills

Australian employers say they can't get the right people with the skills they need Employers are finding it harder to hire the right people now than it was a year ago. Australia’s talent mismatch between the skills job seekers have and those employers want has increased for a fifth year,…

University or Vocational Education?

university or vocational education?

University or Vocational Education? The first thing to determine when you’re battling with the question as to whether or not to go to university, ask yourself, what is my ultimate goal? Does your career goal or ultimate occupation require that you hold at least a Bachelor degree? If so, the…