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What is the Meaning of RPL?

rpl meaning

What is the Meaning of RPL? You might have heard the term thrown around. Usually when someone is talking about bypassing the higher education system in their career progression. But you might find yourself asking the following questions: What is the meaning of RPL? What does RPL stand for? How does…

RPL or Online Study?


RPL or Online Study? If you’ve been out there in your field working your way up and you realise you want the qualification show for it, then the dilemma becomes do you go for it through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) because you have the experience or do you do…

Top 10 RPL Qualifications

RPL qualifications

Top 10 RPL Qualifications Ever wondered what people are ‘RPLing?’ Here are the top 10 RPL qualifications in the 2020 financial year. Recognition of Prior Learning is generally a quick and easy way for experienced people to gain formal qualifications, recognising the skills and knowledge that they already have. We…

Stocktake Your Skills Before EOFY

skills for EOFY

Stocktake Your Skills Before EOFY End of financial year has arrived very quickly. A lot has happened in the previous months and all of us have gone through periods of great change. Some of us have been stood down, our hours reduced or some of us have seen our workloads…

RPL in a Nutshell


RPL in a Nutshell RPL has become a buzzword among those who are seeking to gain a qualification. Over the last few decades, it has also evolved as various VET systems develop. Given its increasing popularity, more and more people today are considering taking the RPL route to achieve a…

Over-skilled, Under-Qualified

Recognition of Prior Learning applications

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009), when last polled, over 35% of workers held a Certificate, and almost 24% held a Bachelor degree. So we posed the question, what about the other 40% of Australians? Those Australian’s may have yet to jump aboard a fast-moving train, picking up…

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