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RPL in Australia

rpl in australia

RPL in Australia [Updated 23rd of February, 2023] When moving overseas one of the most difficult and anxiety inducing aspects is considering what you will do for work and if you can even stay within your field of expertise. Especially if you’re moving to a country where they speak another…

RPL Assessment

rpl assessment process

The RPL Assessment Process [Updated 10th of March 2023] RPL or recognised prior learning is a fast and relatively easy pathway to gaining a nationally recognised qualification. But the process can confuse people - how can you get a qualification without studying?   What is RPL?   RPL stands for recognition of…

Top 10 RPL Qualifications

top 10 rpl qualifications

Top 10 RPL Qualifications Ever wondered what people are ‘RPLing?’ Here are the top 10 RPL qualifications undertaken at Asset College!   We analysed our enrolments to uncover what the most popular qualifications were through recognition of prior learning.  What is RPL?  RPL or Recognised Prior Learning is generally a…

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