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Get into the revitalised Hospitality Industry with an RSA course!

rsa course

Get into the revitalised Hospitality Industry with an RSA course!  While all industries were hit hard by COVID last year, the hospitality industry was particularly fraught with lockdowns and occupation restrictions making it difficult for people to run their businesses. But industry insiders say that 2021 is going see a…

The Benefits of Not Completing Your RSA Online

rsa online

The Benefits of NOT Completing Your RSA Online It is mandatory for certain people involved in Queensland's liquor industry to have a current responsible service of alcohol (RSA) certificate. There are many different types of people this applies to and it is imperative that you have the correct training on…

Completing your RSA Queensland

rsa queensland

Completing your RSA Queensland An RSA Queensland certificate is needed for a lot of different occupations. While the RSA qualification has been around for quite some time there is still confusion over certain aspects of the training or the certification itself! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about…

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