Temporary Suspension of the JPs in the Community Program


Temporary Suspension of the JPs in the Community Program

Dear Colleagues,

After considerable deliberation, Justices of the Peace Branch (JP Branch) has made the decision to temporarily suspend the JPs in the Community program from Saturday, 21 March 2020.

The JPs in the Community Program’s greatest resource is it’s volunteers, JP Branch has decided suspending the service was the most appropriate course of action for the safety and care of our volunteers, particularly taking into account:

  • that program signing sites are extremely busy places
  • that due to their age, many of our volunteers are considered to be at high risk
  • continuing our service at various signing site venues would go against proposed social distancing measures.

The suspension will be temporary, JP Branch will continue to communicate with all volunteers and site hosts around resumption of the service.

This week all sites will be supplied with signs to display advising clients of the closure. The JP Branch website will have the same message displayed.

As you can appreciate the needs of the community won’t change while the program is suspended. JP Branch and the community would appreciate any assistance you can provide during this time.

In this interim period, the After-hours JP Search function, on our webpage, will be the main avenue for the community to access witnessing officers.

It is important to ensure the JP Branch has your correct details. If you have recently moved or changed phone numbers you can list your contact details online, including being added, or removed, from the After-hours JP Search.

This decision has not been made lightly, your health and safety is our priority at this time.

Kind regards,

John McKenna
Acting Registrar and Manager
Justices of the Peace Branch

First published by the Justice of the Peace Branch.

During this time, more JPs will be required to witness documents from home for those who are still requiring important paperwork to be finalised. You can help the community by becoming a Justice of the Peace, completing your training from home. Find out more here.

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