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I have to tell you, everything you taught me I have used already and it’s only been 2 weeks – your experience and the way you tailored the content for the theory study is absolutely 100% spot on for the real world of working in security today – I’m even showing a couple of people who have worked in the industry for a few years new things which I learned directly from you.

At the risk of stating the obvious (& pissing in your pocket), I wanted you to know that there is nothing that you should change when it comes to teaching people about the industry.  I’ve undertaken numerous forms of study over the years & nothing I’ve done (including my Diploma) was as thorough or as spot on as what you taught me at Asset.

Although I am really enjoying the crew I work with, I honestly wish more of them had been taught by you – including guys with 5, 6, 7+ years industry experience. I know how hard it is to be in a certain industry for a long period of time & have bad habits creep in which you hope not to, but inevitably do, transfer to other less experienced staff – how & what you teach is so current, relevant & thorough, it should be QLD standard curriculum.

You’re a legend Kevin!

Sean Cumming

“Thank you for providing a professional, fast-paced and effective Cert III training course and industry-pathway supported access.

The course content was relevant, useful and in accordance with all reasonable professional expectations. A suitable balance was achieved between presentation and demonstration to ensure student participation and knowledge retention. It is my belief Asset College has successfully achieved industry best-practice and will continue to exceed expectations and stand out within the network.

These outcomes are only possible when delivered via excellent trainers and Asset College has certainly achieved this. Craig, Lynn and Glenn – your knowledge, skills and industry passions are amazing, you set an excellent example for students. You can rightly consider yourselves the industry role models. Thank you and well done, it is much appreciated.

Finally to Mike, Jeska, Kayla and Admin team – thank you for managing the administrative and information-sharing aspects of the training courses for students. You provided a very professional, efficient customer service experience. Thank you and well done, it is much appreciated.

I look forward to further training opportunities with Asset College.”

Rose Pearce

“I want to thank you and your trainers for doing such a great course and the way the trainers conduct themselves was really easy going. I’m glad I chose to do my security course with your company, I will 100% recommend you to anyone I can.”

Peter Baker

“Just wanted to let you guys know at Asset College, ISS have offered me a position, had an interview yesterday.
Just want to give you guys a big SHOUT OUT to ALL of you, even Craig. You guys are professional in what you do. Thanks for all your help & assistance to help me & many others achieve our job search goals. ”

Joe Mathews

I wish to pass on my recommendations to anyone wanting to use Asset College  as one of the best training organisations in Australia and assure you full satisfaction. In interacting with Asset College to do my Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership, I found them to be very helpful, quick, efficient, they listen to your needs and they find the best RPL solutions.

Hugo Rojas 
UNAA NSW Executive Committee Member –  Fundraising Director

“In seeking my Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) time constraints in compiling evidence was a major concern. The team at Asset College provided guidelines for documentation for submission, which I was able to supply.  The application went through without a hitch, I commend ASSET on both their research and efficiency.”

Gary Wilson
RII Skills Centre

“Mark and the team at Asset College are extremely experienced in the RPL process and provide a quality and efficient service for post-graduate qualifications. They are first point of contact when I require Recognition of my prior learning and life skills.”

Graeme Jeffers
Public Accountant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Asset College on two qualifications now and I could not recommend them more highly. Having run my own RTO previously, I can tell you that they are incredibly professional, timely, and make everything as seamless as possible. Mark Costello has been a genuine pleasure to deal with and is a compliment to our industry.”

Jina Allen
Coach & Gratitude Practitioner

“Asset College provided me with the perfect RPL process for my needs. The process was simple, efficient and cost effective.”

Molly Roche
Training Consultant

“Thanks for all of your assistance in my recent submissions for the Graduate Diploma qualifications, Strategic Leadership and Vocational Management.  I found your assistance and processes exceptionally thorough and focused on helping the student to achieve success in the most direct and efficient manner. Your fees for the service were more than competitive and your personal guidance was extremely beneficial. I wish you and Asset College the very best for the future.”

Peter Warren
Acclaim Corporate Services

“Asset College demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and total commitment in assisting me achieve my Graduate Diploma of Management and Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership. Committing to learning while operating a business can be daunting, but the trainers positivity and faith in me has made it so that I never feel unsure about anything and I can’t thank them enough for that. They are always contactable and willing to explain anything and everything to you. I have also recommended this organisation to my colleagues who have come back full of glowing comments. Highly recommended and I will definitely contact them first for my training needs.

Ricky Naicker
Australian Institute of Learning

“Asset College has assisted me in achieving my Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership through their efficient RPL process. My assessment was done professionally, promptly and an assessment outcome achieved in a prompt space of time. I recommend Asset College for professionals seeking to have their current and past experience as well as learning recognised and awarded accordingly.”

Shaun Smit
Intervention Projects

“I approached Asset College to assist me to evaluate through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, my formal qualifications and years of experience as a Trainer, Developer and Manager in Government and Defence for two Graduate Diploma’s, one Diploma and one Advanced Diploma. Asset College helped me by thoroughly explaining the process through e-mails and via telephone conversations. The process was a simplified step by step process of me submitting claims against the various competencies and through a thorough interview process.  After a lot of research on my part and by following guidelines set by Asset College I found the experience not to be as daunting as I first envisaged. As a person who has conducted many RPL’s I would recommend Asset Training Australia to any person who wishes to go through the RPL process.

Once again thanks for Asset College’s guidance and professionalism throughout the who RPL process.”

Tom Devine
Overseas Training Officer

“I have just completed my Diploma of Security and Risk Management and a Diploma of Quality Auditing with Asset College. I not only enjoyed undertaking the courses with this Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but Mark – the MD and his team were so supportive, helpful and encouraging all the way through my learning.

To top off my experience with Asset College, they presented my qualification in a beautifully presented display folder. I have never worked with or seen an RTO take so much pride, professionalism and effort in their students and their learning. I recommend and encourage anyone looking into training, learning and further development for yourself to speak with Mark and his team. It is well worth a phone call.”

Natasha Rice
Tribe HR

“I recently completed the Certificate II and III Security Operations course at Asset College at Spring Hill. The course design was well put together, and was presented in a manner that was easy to understand, and interesting.

Our Instructor, Craig, knew his stuff. Great teacher, good demo’s, lots of relevant info. The staff at Asset are friendly and approachable, nothing was too much trouble and the follow up has been awesome! Highly recommend Asset College!”

Jeremy Baker
Asset Training Australia Security Trainee, 2016

“I just completed my Certificate II and III in Security Operations at North Lakes. I was immediately impressed the moment I picked up the phone to call the North Lakes office to enquire. Within 10 minutes I was enrolled into the next Certificate II class. I felt exhilarated that my new career was suddenly underway at such short notice. I couldn’t wait to start that Monday.

The trainers were very experienced security professionals, that blended the curriculum with real life security examples and the right amount of humour to enhance the learning experience.

I was so impressed with the Certificate II class I went on to do my Cert III and my Firearms & Defensive Tactics course as well. During the course they assist you in the application process for getting your security licence and and I can’t wait to start work in the industry.

Thanks to James, Craig, Glenn, Peta, Brooke and the rest of the Asset College team for a fantastic experience and to the new friends I met on the way!”

Keith Holman
Asset Training Australia Security Trainee, 2016

Just thought I would drop you a quick message to thank you all for an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile training experience.

I completed my Cert 3 in Security Operations and Cert 2 in Aviation Transport Protection back to back in December.

I am new to the industry having decided on a fairly late in life career change, so large in life experience but without Security Industry experience.

I am shortly to begin work at QUT with Wilson Security and have great hopes that it will lead to a full time permanent position.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my trainers, Craig and Lynne for their excellent training and real life insights into the industry, which have been extremely useful in my endeavours to gain a start in the industry.

I would anticipate training further with you in the future and just wish to congratulate you on your professionalism.

A big “thumbs up” to all the team at Spring Hill.

Martin Littleton

“I just received my Diploma in the mail and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the folding cover it came in. I have received many qualifications in the past, but never one with such a nice presentation as this, at least never unsolicited. It just shows class on your part!

Please don’t change, its refreshing to see that someone still cares about the way they do things!”

Salvatore Gambacorta 

“Reaching the age of 65 was getting to be a downer employment wise.

I undertook security training with Asset College nearly three years ago and through that training got to work at both of the G20’s as a supervisor for Wilson Security in Cairns and Brisbane.  After that, employment got scarce but through the endeavours of Brooke I have just obtained casual employment with Northside Protective Services.

Must admit it was a bit of a surprise naturally being 65 and thought I had been chucked out to pasture.

Through the efforts of Brooke I am again moving forward and look forward to many more years of employment.

Thanks to Brooke  and Asset College”

Mark Harrison

“I have had the greatest experience with Asset College both at North Lakes and at Spring Hill. The lectures are very informative in the various courses that are required for the many different types of training that Asset students require.

I have recommend Asset College to several people who are thinking about doing some training. I’m very thankful for the support and there’s no hesitation from any of the staff when the graduates need assistance with doing their resume.

The on-going support from the Asset College team assisting with the employment pre-screen sessions and the recruitment sessions with several different security companies was great. I’m so appreciative of the support the team at Asset has given me.

While writing this email I received some good news – I start with S.N.P. Security on Friday night! Once again, thanking you very much.”

Darrel Altmann

“Just like to thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into getting in contact with potential security employers and in doing so I have received all positive feedback and employment opportunities from various companies.

I recommend Asset College to everyone, the team you guys have at Spring Hill are fantastic.

Craig Tyson and Brooke Shellback have helped me immensely to achieve my goals within the industry.”

Matt Gort

“I am impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by your organisation, I deal with a number of RTO’s, probably too much and from time to time see the not so good side of them.
Just refreshing to deal with your company and to be treated so well along the whole process. I would also like to thank the instructor Glen who conducted the course and made it enjoyable and interesting. Your professionalism is noted.”

Greg Lewis

“I email you in response to the training Course in Security/Screening recently conducted on Norfolk Island. I offer my thoughts on the training.

Craig Tyson – the Trainer arrived on Norfolk Island and commenced the course immediately. He is a great asset to your organisation. I found him to be all of the following: intelligent, witty, charming, informative, pleasant, instructive, a communicator and and all round pleasant gentleman.

As the only ‘girl’ in the group, I was treated with respect and courtesy. These are all ‘old fashioned’ words in today’s world, but hopefully still carry the meaning.

Thank you as the course provider.  I enjoyed the challenge of the ‘speed’ at which it was efficiently delivered. We had a nice working group and Craig recognised each persons abilities. The course covered all of the aspects and the print-outs provided were great and hopefully the answers were correct!

Thank you for the Certificates you forwarded to us. Most impressive. Your organisation was promoted by Craig and other courses were offered to us for completion.

Our work at the airport has commenced and of course as ‘new’ recruits just off training,  we ‘notice everything’ – thanks to Asset College! I hope that Norfolk Island council employs your organisation again. There are no complaints from the 3 new Screening Officers at the Norfolk Island airport.”

Barbara Elliott

“I started my journey in December 2016. Mike Addicott was so supportive from the start, explaining the Security Industry, and where there are so many possibilities for women, and that age is not a barrier.  I completed my Certificate III with 2 wonderful trainers James & Craig, who gave their experience of the reality of security, which all made sense on my first job.

In the same week that my Security Licence arrived, I was given an opportunity of a lifetime – I worked the 2 nights at the Adele Concert at The Gabba.  Thank you Asset College.”

Anne-Maree Cottrell

“I’d like to thank everyone at Asset College for the help I received in completing my Cert IV in Training and Assessment. Your company is so professional and helpful and I wish I had have started the course with you to begin with.”

Michelle Bartz

“I just wanted to say, I went for the Protection officer job at Maroochydore airport. SNP have taken over the contract from ISS after 17 years. The interviewer spoke very highly of you & your husband Paul. It was a fabulous interview and she offered me the job!
Thank you and Ian for putting me through my Cert II.”

Paula Berry-Smith

“Thanks again, it was a great course and I loved that the trainers really knew their stuff and the delivery was entertaining and casual as well as being comprehensive.
The whole team was lovely as well from when I walked in the door with the front office staff and also the trainers, felt really welcome and at ease.”

Danielle Clayton

“The JP course was a terrific weekend, a great course and I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for making it so enjoyable, your teaching skills are second to
none! Bring on the next step, I’m ready for it!”

Giovanna Davey

“I completed a security course with Asset College whilst the training college was situated in Surfers Paradise, and in the later part of May 2015 I completed an Intensive Firearm Batons and other relative self defence techniques.
I feel that the level of competence provided by Lee and his team is of the highest standard, which provided for me personally a sound understanding of firearms safety and related weapons techniques.
After spending 22 years in the New South Wales Police Force I believe that the team at Asset College are a highly professional, responsible, and caring group.”

Mike Donnelly

“I am blown away by the assistance Kevin provided during my course. Without your push I know I wouldn’t have done it. I never thought of myself being smart because all I know is warehousing / trucking driving work. Tests and textbooks freak me out big time due to my skills its always been something i hide from or play it off. I am working on my writing and spelling, going to do some more courses as soon as i can. Again, thanks so much Kevin, you are the man.”

Jason Eagles


“Appreciate everything. It was a real valuable asset to me by training with your great company, I got a hell of a lot out of it.
I would recommend Asset College to anyone. Massive thank you to James, if only all instructors were as passionate as he was we would have a very clever country. Thanks again and see you next course.”

Shane Evans

“I have applied for some work with TRU Security for which I have an appointment tomorrow and also BEST Security at Nundah. Things are looking up. Can’t wait to get started. I would like to take a moment to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the Asset College team in North Lakes. You guys ROCK!!
Many thanks again..”

Jeremy Forlong

“Just a short note to thank you to all the team at Asset College for yet another great course. Both my son and I really enjoyed the Firearms Safety Course today. Huge thank you to the young fellas as well for a very well presented course.
I am sure that not one person who attended today would have any complaints judging by the chatter outside.”
Ricky Freemantle

“I just thought I would give you a text to thank you again for all your efforts and encouragement and the support of James and other staff there. I have now landed security work of a secure nature, at the Airport DFO and it’s looking like an ideal position for me so I’m very pleased indeed. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.”

Peter Jager

“I would like to leave my honest testimonial for the Townsville Asset College training team (Dave and Renee Powell). Two of the most genuine and hard working people. I have successfully completed two courses with them and been employed as a result. I recommend them to everyone! They are resourceful and knowledgeable, it’s so easy to learn from them!”

Maria Kohunui

“Just wanted to thank you Mike for all your help and letting you know that I made it through. ISS are just waiting on my ASIC and if that comes back clear I start work as an Aviation Security Officer at the Brisbane International Airport . I am already recommending the courses with Asset College to all my friends and family. You were a great support all the way through.”

Andrea Lavell

“I have attended several security courses with Asset College at the Sunshine Coast office. The courses were well structured and informative and were easy to understand. The training was well thought out and informative in preparation for working in the real world of security as I have been in the security industry before and you need to be prepared and Asset College  does prepare students for the real world. The trainers at Asset College are very professional, polite and friendly but at the same time, helpful, well-trained and informative and they make you remember and use your own brain and thoughts while being patient with those who need a little more time and or help to learn the material required to complete the work correctly.
Thanks Asset College and many thanks to the staff and trainers. Great job, keep it up, I will be back.”

Peter Lepri

“I am impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated by your organisation. I deal with a number of RTO’s, probably too much and from time to time see the not so good side of them. Just refreshing to deal with your company and to be treated so well along the whole process.”

Greg Lewis

“Thank you both Philippa and Glen, so much for all your help with the course, not to mention your patience!  Very much appreciated. And Glen – thank you so much for putting on a superb course, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Robert Morgan

“Please pass my best thanks to Mark for the reloading course on Saturday.
From his dedication to teach, I learnt a lot in a short time and I feel confident now to go into reloading by myself. I won’t hesitate to come again for another course.”

Daniel Pasquelin

“Thank you for everything. The college has been a wonderful experience and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to get extra education.”

Aner Penava

“During the first week of my employment with ISS, the 3 of us (who attended the Asset College screening course) have had the on-site training. We have been doing wanding, frisk search, the metal detector walk through, ETD tests, x-ray machine scanning. All of it we’ve been doing with the real people and their baggage at the International Terminal for about 10 hours a day. The mentors are extremely good and cover all areas of competency.

The mentors and the management are eager to let us in the job per se from Monday, i.e. after 4 days of training (excluding Thursday, a public holiday). It could happen, of course, if we show the good performance this Friday, which is supposed to be the last day of the training.

As far as I know 6 more people from our course are coming next week.
General impression. The Asset College course prepared us really well. We have to deal with machinery and procedures which are already familiar for us. Without it our progress would be impossible for such short time.
I am not tired of saying thank you for your work.”

Yuriy Popov

“The next course I do will certainly be with you guys. Wayne Thompson is certainly an asset to your company and he made the course one of the best memories I have to think back on.”

Brett Wheeldon

“I received my certificate in the mail – it is just gorgeous!  Thank you for making the whole process so seamless!”

Catherine Ardi

“I just wanted to let you know that our trainer (Glen) was amazing. I have done first aid and CPR classes a few times before and normally the trainer has just told us what to write and then gotten us to use a bandage etc.
Glen’s version was so much more informative and I think it prepared us all for real emergency situations so we might actually provide first aid instead of watching. His humour and constant energy made the day very enjoyable. “

Megan Goodall

“Brooke has been extremely helpful through the training processes and is definitely an “asset” to the team!”

Chris Enniss

“Thank you for an amazing weekend learning the JP course material.

Your teaching style was thoroughly witty and entertaining, your knowledge was astounding and your patience was immeasurable!I look forward to meeting up with you again in the future, and I’m hoping to have the good fortune to be able to do another one of your courses!”

Linda Innes, Life Without Barriers

“I finished my training with you last Friday and just wanted to thank you all for the professionalism and friendly nature of all your team. I was a bit concerned and nervous at first ,having to do the training, but all your staff were very helpful and it turned out to be quite good fun. Thank you all for all your help.”

Wayne Fitzpatrick

“We had the pleasure of Matt Wall’s company yesterday at Quest doing First Aid Training with us. It was a complete change from what we are used to. Matt’s way of training is informative, knowledgeable and holds the attention of even the most unruly trainees in this group.
He is a breath of fresh air. Matt took us through the aspects of first aid in theory and then the practical. Not once whilst doing this did he shirk his responsibilities and took the time to show and explain and answer many questions thrown in his direction which he answered with ease and confidence.
This gave the group the empowerment to learn so much in such a short time giving us new skill sets and knowledge. We would like to thank Asset College for sending this gentleman to us and to let this company know what an asset he is.”
Toni Linke

“My wife and I both attended the A , B ,& H Firearms course at North Lakes on the weekend, please pass our sincere thanks on to the Instructor Glen.

His training style kept the group engaged and informed throughout the training and testing.

Job well done.”

Matt Fisher

“Thanks for the great time learning over the weekend.  I’m quite excited to get started on the exam, not something I thought I would ever be – excited about an exam.”

Amanda Gibson

“I sincerely want to thank Brooke, Henry and the team at Asset College for providing me with a friendly, seamless pathway to my Graduate Diploma. I, like many senior managers in today’s workforce, are of an era where work experience was the key, rather than qualifications. In today’s world, this can be a disadvantage.

I am so glad I decided to do something about turning my years of experience into that all important qualification through Asset College’s RPL process. I was determined to find an institute which did not have a reputation of ‘tick and flick’ for money. Asset College was the right choice. I  loved the fact that I had to do some research and learn, as well as provide examples. My qualification feels real and well earned.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 5 stars!”

Justine Murphy

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