So you think you’re a better leader than your manager?


So you think you’re a better leader than your manager?

It’s the debate that continues throughout offices and workplaces across the globe. Whether you’ve got a great manager or one that makes you cringe the minute they arrive in the mornings, most people think they can do a better job as one of the leaders in their organisation than their current boss.

What is it that you possess that makes you think you could be a better leader?

  • Great communication skills?
  • Previous leadership experience?
  • A great rapport with staff members?
  • The ability to be firm but fair and understand the needs of not only your employees but your organisation?
  • The ability to inspire others?

Well perhaps your current manager already has the qualifications to prove that they can lead and manage a team of people to produce great results and this is what got them over the line to be offered the top job.

If you’ve been honing your leadership skills and carrying out tasks at a management level, but don’t yet have the title, an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management through RPL will allow you to be recognised for your dedication to developing your skills through practice.

It is without a doubt, that people without higher qualifications have a much lower chance of attaining higher paying roles in the area of management. Additionally, as your level of qualification increases, the likelihood for unemployment decreases according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

To maintain an edge in a competitive labour market, and to prove that you are a better leader than your current manager, have your skills assessed through a recognition of prior learning pathway.

Not only will you be able to take evidence of your leadership and management skills with you from job to job, you’ll pave the path for further study into higher qualifications like an MBA only increasing your chances of attaining the top job.

So, prove you’re a better leader than your manager and take up the challenge. Submit a free skills assessment today.

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