Tips for staying healthy this winter (and avoiding the common cold!)

Tips for staying healthy this winter

Tips for staying healthy this winter (and avoiding the common cold!)

Brrrr… it’s cold in here! Winter has certainly arrived and with it comes a whole bunch of sick days, runny noses and sore throats. There are a few simple things that everyone can do to reduce the amount of sick people in the office, at home and feel fit and healthy this cold season.

Wash your hands

This one seems pretty obvious but in our busy days sometimes hand washing is forgotten. Don’t have access to a sink with antibacterial hand wash? There are plenty of antibacterial hand sanitisers that are conveniently sized to fit in your hand bag or pocket. Encourage hand washing in your workplace or home for an extra effect.

Drink plenty of water

Just like in summer time, being dehydrated makes mucus drier and thicker and therefore harder to kick. Most medical professionals recommend no less than 8 glasses of water a day and this is important even in winter.

Zinc and Garlic

Zinc is extremely effective in reducing the frequency of common colds if taken regularly. Team this with regular intakes of foods that contain garlic will see you drastically increase your chances of getting a cold in winter. If you’re not a big fan of garlic in your food, most local pharmacies will sell capsules which contain zinc and garlic that are just as effective.

Just go home!

We all know the feeling of being un-well at work but too busy or too worried to just decide to go home and rest. Spreading a cold amongst the office is no good for anyone and winter is a time where Managers need to be a little more understanding in regards to flexible working arrangements or time off. One sick team member can quickly turn into ten.

Make sure you stay rugged up and check the weather. If it is expected to be colder than usual, be prepared and take an extra coat that day. It is quite simple to stay healthy during winter by remembering a few simple tips.

If you are unable to kick the sickness, consult your GP.

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