Top 10 RPL Qualifications

RPL qualifications

Top 10 RPL Qualifications

Ever wondered what people are ‘RPLing?’ Here are the top 10 RPL qualifications in the 2020 financial year.

Recognition of Prior Learning is generally a quick and easy way for experienced people to gain formal qualifications, recognising the skills and knowledge that they already have. We undertook a bit of analysis to uncover what the most popular qualifications were through recognition of prior learning.

  1. CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS Requirements in The Construction Industry

This qualification consists of just one unit of competency and is required by trainers and assessors in the VET industry who train the OHS White Card course. It is also undertaken by construction supervisors as a professional development exercise.

2. Diploma of Quality Auditing

Auditing is becoming more and more popular with professionals who participate in auditing practices in their organisations but are not qualified auditors.

3. Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

This qualification is highly regarded at the management level and is also used by some people to gain entry to or credit for an MBA program.

4. Diploma of Project Management

The Diploma in Project Management is funded under Constructions Skills funding in QLD and a large number of construction industry employees are taking advantage of this funding to gain qualifications for their management skills.

It is also a qualification that can be applied across multiple industries and is highly transferable.

5. Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

A qualification mainly requested by Security Supervisors who are looking to level-up in the industry and gain more opportunities.

6. Diploma of Security and Risk Management

This qualification carries on from the Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management and is aimed at high level Security Managers who may manage multiple teams and sites. In previous months the need for security planning and improvement has drastically increased in areas not usually requiring a lot of security management.

7. Diploma of Leadership and Management

Leadership and management skills are acquired by people sometimes without them even knowing it. During the last couple of months where people have been able to review their skills and knowledge, they have noticed their management skills are aligning to nationally recognised qualifications.

8. Diploma of Human Resources Management

Similar to the above qualifications, people have been needing to step into roles that they may not have had responsibility for before. This has generally included people management resulting in their ability to build their skills in the human resources areas.

9. Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Another qualification which is also funded under Construction Skills in Queensland has seen numerous RPL awards. This qualification is also a pre-requisite to achieving higher levels of work health and safety qualifications in the VET sector.

10. Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Lucky last on the list of top 10 RPL qualifications is the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. This qualification is also used as an entry point into some post-graduate university courses or as credit towards them. Another qualification that is very transferable across industries and highly valued by recipients during such an unpredictable economic climate.

Are one of these qualifications on your top 10 list to RPL in 2020? Speak with Asset College about your skills and knowledge and your eligibility for RPL today.

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