Top 10 RPL Qualifications

top 10 rpl qualifications

Top 10 RPL Qualifications

Ever wondered what people are ‘RPLing?’ Here are the top 10 RPL qualifications undertaken at Asset College!  

We analysed our enrolments to uncover what the most popular qualifications were through recognition of prior learning. 

What is RPL? 

RPL or Recognised Prior Learning is generally a quick and easy way for experienced people to gain formal qualifications, recognising the skills and knowledge that they already have.  

How does RPL work?  

The process for RPL involves matching evidence against the competencies of a qualification to show your experience and understanding of what otherwise would be course material.  

The first step is to complete a free skills assessment. This is an online form where you answer a few questions and upload your resume. Then the RPL manager will review this and let you know if you are a good candidate for RPL.  

If you are, then you can continue to enrolment and the RPL manager will create a mapping document that outlines the competencies of the course units, and you’ll need to provide evidence against these competencies.  

The evidence depends on the qualification and your experience, but it could be things like emails, reports, presentations, or letters of support from employers.  

The whole process can take a few weeks to a few months depending on how quickly you can get all your evidence together. You can learn more about the RPL process here 

The RPL process is a very popular way to gain your qualification. This is because it’s fast and it allows you to get recognition of your industry experience.

Let’s look at the ten most popular qualifications that people are RPLing.  

CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS Requirements in The Construction Industry 

This qualification consists of just one unit of competency and is required by trainers and assessors in the VET industry who train the OHS White Card course. It is also undertaken by construction supervisors as a professional development exercise. 

The unit consists of training around the performance of work in a safe manner through awareness of risks and work requirements. The planning and performance of work to safe work requirement and regulations.  

Diploma of Quality Auditing

The Diploma of Quality Auditing is becoming more and more popular with professionals who participate in auditing practices in their organisations but are not qualified auditors. Gaining this qualification can be a great way to formalise your skills in the area and add clout to your resume.  

The diploma includes competencies in participating, initiating, leading and reporting on quality audits. It also covers compliance with competencies in compliance frameworks, interpreting compliance requirements, evaluating and reviewing compliance, developing and monitoring processes for the management of breaches in compliance, establishing and managing compliance systems. As well as other areas of study. 

Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

The Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership is a high level qualification. In order to be considered for entry into this qualification you must have completed either a bachelor degree in a relevant field with at least two years of relevant work experience. Or a diploma or advanced diploma qualification in the field with at least three years of relevant workplace experience. If you have no formal qualifications but you have five years of full-time relevant workplace experience, you may be able to gain entry to the qualification.  

The qualification includes competencies in leading strategic transformation and planning processes for an organisation. Leading financial strategy development, ethical practice and innovative thinking. Developing and cultivating collaborative partnerships and relationships, establishing business continuity management strategies and prioritising projects and programs.  

This qualification is highly regarded at the management level and is also used by some people to gain entry to or credit for an MBA program.

Diploma of Project Management

The Diploma in Project Management is a great qualification to complete through RPL if you have a few years of project management experience. This qualification can be applied across multiple industries and is highly transferable. 

The qualification covers a range of competencies including managing project scope, time, quality, cost, human resources, communication, risk and integration. As well as other compliance and management and business competencies. 

Certificate IV in Security Management

A qualification mainly requested by Security Supervisors who are looking to level-up in the industry and gain more opportunities. 

The qualification covers competencies in managing work health and safety, assessing and advising on security client needs, briefing and debriefing processes, supervising security operations, contracting arrangements in security and other business and leadership competencies.  

Diploma of Security Risk Management

This qualification carries on from the Certificate IV in Security Management and is aimed at high level Security Managers who may manage multiple teams and sites. In previous months, the need for security planning and improvement has increased in areas not usually requiring much security management. 

This qualification includes competencies in assessing, developing and implementing security risk management plans, as well as analysing threats, devising strategies and managing people. 

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Leadership and management skills are acquired by people sometimes without them even knowing it. During the last couple of months, where people have been able to review their skills and knowledge, they have noticed their management skills are aligning to nationally recognised qualifications. 

The diploma includes competencies in managing people, business risk, personal and professional development, organisational customer service, business operational plans, team effectiveness and other leadership focused activities.  

Diploma of Human Resources Management

Similar to the above qualifications, people have been needing to step into roles that they may not have had responsibility for before. This has generally included people management resulting in their ability to build their skills in the human resources areas. 

The qualification includes competencies in managing employee and industrial relations, recruitment and onboarding and effective workplace relationships. Coordinating learning and development, workforce plan implementation, human resource functions and processes, separation and termination processes and health and wellness programs. 

Diploma of Work Health and Safety

This qualification is a pre-requisite to achieving higher levels of work health and safety qualifications in the VET sector. Many WHS professionals might want to RPL this qualification to enter higher qualifications.  

This qualification includes competencies in leading WHS risk management, investigating WHS incidents, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems, consulting on WHS, managing emergency procedures and teams. 

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Lucky last on the list of top 10 RPL qualifications is the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. This qualification is also used as an entry point into some post-graduate university courses or as credit towards them. Another qualification that is very transferable across industries and highly valued by recipients during such an unpredictable economic climate. 

This advanced qualification is only open to people who meet the prerequisites, so you would have to have either completed a diploma or advanced diploma from the BSB training package or have two years of relevant workplace experience in an operational or leadership role.  

The competencies for this qualification include leading and managing organisational change, providing leadership across the organisation, developing and implementing business plans, managing innovation and continuous improvement, contributing to strategic workforce planning, leading corporate social responsibility and developing business continuity plans.  

Final Thoughts  

There are so many opportunities that are just out of reach without the right piece of paper, even when you’ve gained the experience. Formalising your workplace experience with an RPL qualification can give you an edge over other candidates for the next big promotion or role.  

You can find out if you are a good candidate for RPL by filling in our free skills assessment or just get in touch with us. Our course advisors would be happy to help you find the qualifications to further your career. 

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