10 Jobs That Command A Six-Figure Salary

10 jobs that command top salaries

10 Jobs That Command A Six-Figure Salary

2022 has been an intense year. With the rising cost of house prices, the rental market going gangbusters and the increase in our cost of living, it’s been a financially stressful time. And Australians everywhere are feeling it.  

Mozo research found that 64% of Australians are anxious about their financial future.  

Between 2021 and 2022, inflation in Australian has risen by 7.3%, while wages have only gone up 3.1% over the same period. To put it into perspective the average rate of inflation in Australia has been about 4.7% per year.  

This is a huge jump and people are feeling the financial pinch of our current economic climate. The rise in the cost of living has most people scrambling to find an extra source of income or a new job with a higher salary range.  

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 jobs that command a six-figure salary.  

Human Resources Manager  

Salary: $125,000 

About the role: A Human Resources Manager is in charge of the human resources department within the company. This means they create the processes and protocols and manage the hiring of staff, the onboarding process, staff professional development, staff wellbeing, performance management and conflict resolution.  

Human Resources Managers will have a team of human resources professionals that work beneath them. The Human Resources Manager must manage the team, delegating tasks and designing strategy for the overall wellbeing of the staff group at the company.  

Which Industries: HR exists in every industry from hospitality companies to retail to the business world, there are HR positions. However, some industries will pay more than others.  

What do you need: To become a HR manager you’ll need experience in the field and a qualification, whether it be a Bachelors degree of a Diploma of Human Resources Management. It just depends on the path you want to take to get there.  

Cyber Security Support Officer  

Salary: $120,469  

About the Role: Cyber Security Support Officers are responsible for protecting data and networks for their company. They need to manage the safety and security of a company’s network including all internal and customer data, fend off hackers and analysis systems to identify breaches or possible weak spots.  

Which Industries: Cyber security is becoming a very in-demand role. There are jobs in government, private industries, healthcare, insurance, retail, there are so many industries that have a need for cyber security.  

What do you need: To work in cyber security you’ll need to complete the Certificate IV in Cyber Security. This course gives you all the basics and the specialist knowledge you’ll need to get into the industry.  

Project Manager  

Salary: $127,817  

About the Role: A Project Manager is in charge of managing the whole project from planning to procurement to execution. The Project Manager handles everything within the scope of the project and manages a team of project officers.  

Which Industries: Project Managers work in all different kinds of industries, from construction to healthcare to government bodies. There are all kinds of projects that need managing.  

What do you need: Project Managers tend to have a lot of experience within a specific industry and then work their way up to managing projects. The course they need to move into project management is the Diploma of Project Management.  

Quality Auditor  

Salary: $112,196 

About the Role: A Quality Auditor is responsible for testing and inspecting the products or services of a company to ensure they meet all legal requirements and standards and compile with any regulations for that industry.  

Which Industries: There are many industries that require the services of a Quality Auditor. From medical fields to manufacturing, wholesale to food safety, quality auditing is essential to a lot of industries.  

What do you need: To break into quality auditing you’ll need to complete the Diploma of Quality Auditing. This will give you all the skills and the knowledge around compliance to effectively do the job.  

Marketing Manager  

Salary: $106,615 

About the Role: The Marketing Manager handles all marketing strategies and plans within the business. They will generally work with other departments such as communications and have staff in their department which they delegate to as well. It’s their job to plan and implement all the marketing, making sure it aligns with the company’s goals and brand.  

Which Industries: Marketing Managers work in all different industries from education to healthcare, to retail, beauty, fashion and business. There are marketing manager roles in every industry.  

What do you need: Marketing Managers will generally have experience in marketing before working their way up. Sometimes they will have a bachelor’s degree, but it isn’t necessarily required. If you want to move into this field, you could do the Diploma in Marketing and Communication to break into the industry.  

Property Manager  

Salary: $110,000  

About the Role: In the booming rental market there’s never been a better time to pursue a career as a Property Manager. Property Managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a rental property for the owner, this includes finding suitable tenants, advertising the property, completing inspections, keeping agreements up to date and managing any maintenance requests that the renters put in.  

Which Industries: Property Managers work within the real estate industry.  

What do you need: You will need at a minimum a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice to be a Property Manager.  

Air Traffic Controller  

Salary: $112,863  

About the Role: An Air Traffic Controller is responsible for directing the movement of aircrafts at the airport. They use radars, computer systems and visual aids to safely manage the movement of the aircrafts.  

Which Industries: This role exists within the air travel industry.  

What do you need: To become an air traffic controller you need to complete the Airservices Diploma of Aviation (Air Traffic Control) 

Train Driver  

Salary: $103,000 

About the Role: A Train Driver operates and drives the train. This could be for a private rail network or a public transportation network. They are responsible for safe operation of the train whether it is transporting passengers or freight.  

Which Industries: Trainer drivers work in the public transport industry, private transport and freight industries.  

What do you need: To be able to work as a Train Driver you do require some VET qualification, sometimes this can be done through a traineeship. The course you’ll need is the Certificate IV in Train Driving.  


Salary: $110,588 

About the Role: Mining operators work as a part of a crew on the mining site, using machinery to drill holes, excavate rocks, coal, metals and other materials. Working in mining often means working in a fly in, fly out role. Many miners do a week on week off system or something to this effect. So, if you’re going to go into this field remember you’ll need to have no commitments that require your daily attention like school pickups.  

Which Industries: This role is confined to the mining industry, but there are many opportunities for moving around and finding different sites and companies to work with.  

What do you need: To be able to break into the mining industry, you’ll need to complete the Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations.  


Salary: $106,809  

About the Role: A Pilot operates aircrafts, this can be for commercial travel, the transport of people or of goods. They share the responsibility of flying with their co-pilot. They need to steer the plane, navigate, communicate with air traffic control and monitor the aircraft computer systems.  

Which Industries: Pilots typically work in the aviation industry, but there are also opportunities in the military, logistics and freight, private aviation, emergency services, and there are many opportunities for pilots.  

What do you need: There are several pathways to becoming a Pilot. You can go into the defenxe force and pursue your pilot’s license. You can do an airline cadet program, or you can complete higher education such as an aviation related degree program with a built in Pilot’s Licence. There are requirements to getting your pilot’s licence. You’ll need a certain number of fligth hours before you can become a licensed Pilot.  

Final Thoughts 

There are so many roles out there that pay six figures. if you’re looking at how to level up your career or change careers, you can check out our courses here or organise to have a chat with our friendly course advisors.

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