Training Is Not Just About Getting A Job


Training Is Not Just About Getting A Job

There is nothing more wrong than the idea that we should only undertake training when we are changing careers or just need to find a job!

Learning should be viewed as a lifetime exercise, one that is ongoing and progressive and that propels us forward along our career path.

There are a number of reasons why ongoing learning should be at the top of your priority list, regardless of where you are at right now!

Move To A Supervisory Role

The best time for you to start preparing for career profession is now. A lot of people have the thought that when they are offered an opportunity, they will then look to gain the qualifications required because right now, who knows whether it is going to be worth it.

You should instead have clear goals of the level you want to achieve within a company or in your own business and take steps towards them far before the opportunity arises.

Although you may not be ready for a supervisors role yet, by the time you finish your next qualification and learn by observing other supervisors – you could be in a good position to step up! Without having to delay the process while you gain the qualifications you need.

Keep Your Skills Current

The human brain is powerful – but for most of us, we can’t remember everything that we have learnt from the qualifications we have undertaken 2, 3, 4 or 5 years ago.

Ongoing learning is vital for keeping your skills current and to refresh your knowledge on best practice in your industry. Areas like customer service, human resources, risk management and digital services are always changing.

With ongoing learning, you’ll always be at the forefront of your industry.

Effectiveness Of Skill Development

Studies have shown that regular training in small amounts is more effective than large drawn-out periods of study.

For those of us who work full-time, self-paced online training while working is ideal for long term career progression. Self-paced studies allow students to choose when they study and break up the study periods into easily manageable pieces.

The main takeaway point is that learning should never be a chore. It should be something that we do on a continual basis, to form part of our development both personally and professionally.

Asset College can help you to navigate your goals and break down your long-term learning needs into easy to manage, bite-sized study bursts!

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