University or Vocational Education?

university or vocational education?

University or Vocational Education?

The first thing to determine when you’re battling with the question as to whether or not to go to university, ask yourself, what is my ultimate goal?

Does your career goal or ultimate occupation require that you hold at least a Bachelor degree? If so, the answer has to be university. However, the debate between the benefits of university and vocational education and training is not so simple.

With university education is becoming more accessible to school-leavers, more and more are taking up the task of the 3-4 year slog a university degree brings. Some with no real idea of what outcome this will achieve for their future.

On the other hand, vocational education and training is just that, it is training to prepare for a future vocation and in most cases (well at Asset Training Australia anyway), VET providers have far more links and partnerships within industry that also inform them on what and when changes need to be made to training programs to make graduates more employable in a competitive marketplace.

VET providers are heavily regulated and are required to report on employment outcomes of their students to the Department of Education and Training and the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA). Because of these requirements, if VET providers are not offering support for students from training through to employment their chances of sustaining their business are little to none. University’s on the other hand have no requirement to report on job outcomes or even assist with employment strategies at all.

According to The Conversation, less than half of young Australians are going to university so why is it that we are still so focused on a university education being the only path to career success? A Diploma studied through a VET provider could be a great way to try a certain industry before committing to a degree and coupled with a traineeship can give graduates the job skills that employers are so desperately looking for.

If you would like some help with determining whether you should go to university or whether a qualification from a vocational education and training provider is more your style, get in contact with our friendly team today. We’re focused on employment outcomes, so we’ll be sure to give you a recommendation that you can use to help reach that end goal!

Alternatively, head over to The Good Universities Guide rto help you make an informed decision.

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