Upskill for your job before EOFY

upskill for your job

Upskill for your job before EOFY

The last couple of months have been an interesting ride for a number of us having to take a deeper look at our skill set for new opportunities either within our current organisations or outside of them.

More specifically, some of us identified pretty quickly that our skills were not that diverse. Perhaps they were not able to be applied across multiple industries as easily as we thought and therefore made it hard for us branch out if required.

Or, if we needed to take on extra responsibilities or work across multiple departments to assist with the short fall, we were missing key skills needed to succeed in a workplace that was constantly changing and changing fast.

With this extra knowledge we now have about ourselves and the EOFY specials available at Asset College it is a great time to develop a plan to work towards filling those gaps with nationally recognised training

1.Skills gap analysis

Reflect on your current role, what skills you have acquired and what skills you need to attain to reach the next level in your career. Feedback from performance reviews and your peers can also help you to identify your skill gaps.

2. Determine qualifications aligned to your skills gaps

Once you have completed your skill gap analysis, determine what category of professional development that fits under. Could you fill those gaps with some industry training, some short courses or perhaps a nationally recognised qualification is required to move you forward in your career. For instance, if you have recently been more involved in a compliance role but you don’t have the auditing knowledge or skills to really help your business succeed, perhaps a qualification in quality auditing is what you should look at completing next.

3. Explore special officers at Asset College

Currently, Asset College is offering Certificate IV qualifications for just $1500 or Diploma qualifications for just $2200. Some of these qualifications are over 50% off and will be the lowest prices ever available to help assist with the financial aspects of professional development. You can even choose to put your course fees on a Debit Success or zipMoney payment plan too!

Courses available are across many different industries including business, business administration, work health and safety, quality auditing, marketing, project management, human resources, leadership and many more.

4. Speak to your accountant

Once you’ve started your training and before the EOFY make sure you speak to your accountant about self-education expenses that you might be able to claim on this financial years’ tax return. Not only will you be saving money with Asset College, working towards building skills for your future career aspirations but you might be saving on tax too!

View more information about our specials or contact our team to discuss the best pathway for you today.

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