4 Reasons To Study A Vocational Education Course In 2019

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4 Reasons To Study A Vocational Education Course In 2019

If you’re thinking about what professional development advances you should make this year, considering vocational training should be one of them.

Qualifications gained through either full study or recognition of prior learning in the VET sector have never been more popular with employers.

Real life and work skills attained from vocational training see graduates become more employable, more promotable and more efficient all round.

Skills Shortages

Vocational education and training is essential to helping our skills shortages and putting more unemployed people into work.

According to a report released by Skilling Australia Foundation key statistics show that:

  • VET provides courses for nine of 10 occupations with the highest predicted growth over the next five years.
  • VET can provide practical training for all of the 10 industry subgroups with the largest projected growth by 2020.

A Test Run Before University

Studying a university degree is a big commitment.

If you start a degree at a particular institution, and are awarded any credits for your study – it isn’t all that easy to transfer your credits if you want to defer and start again elsewhere at a different time.

VET is different.

All units of competency achieved are transferable to new courses at new institutions meaning that you are always (so long as the unit is up-to-date) get credit transfers for your previous study.

Study While You Work

With vocational training, flexible study options allow you to take on more work hours and to not sacrifice the financial security you have now – just because you want to improve your skills!

University lectures and tutorials are usually set in stone, and if you aren’t quick on the sign up – you might miss out on the ones that you want. With VET, allowances can be made to suit your requirements.

Keep Up To Date With Changing Employer Needs

Vocational Training is developed and delivered based on feedback from employers.

You can’t be much more job ready than studying a Certificate II, III or IV qualification that is directly aligned to the career outcome that YOU want!

The training delivered by RTO’s is heavily regulated and constantly updated to meet the changing needs of employers.

If you need any more reasons than this to start studying a vocational qualification in 2019, contact our team and chat with us about where you want to get to!

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