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What ASSET staff really think we offer to prospective students

We asked ASSET staff one Friday afternoon what they think we really offer to prospective students. Here’s what they thought!

“The opportunity to gain further knowledge to either help gain employment or further a career.”

Charlene Stockton


done 10-1“A premium service level that provides individuals with the opportunity to change futures.

Well that’s my view!”

Kevin McAney


“We aHenry Winzarre offering our individual knowledge and expertise that is delivered in a formal environment that is recognised as a qualification. I’m sure there is a lot more to it, but that’s not bad for a Friday afternoon!”

Henry Winzar



“Our service!”

Steve Murphy


“Very hard question to answer as it changes for each trainee.

To some we sell a new life.

To some, a new career or change.Craig

To some, hope.

To some, self-improvement.

To some, freedom.”

Craig Tyson


Brooke“I think we sell pride and achievements! And a way for people to change their current circumstances if they so want too.”

Brooke Shellback



“We provide an open gateway to future opportunities via aMike range of quality solutions and outcomes designed to develop, enhance and recognise real skills and knowledge across key industry sectors serving the Australian Economy”.

Mike Addicott

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