What Security Role Best Suits You?

what security role best suits you

What Security Role Best Suits You?

So, you have decided to get into the exciting field of security? That’s great! But what kind of security do you want to do?

The great thing about security is how varied and diverse the industry is. There are so many different kinds of roles out there and different avenues for security workers to explore.

But with all this choice available to you, how do you choose the best security role for you? How do you match your intrinsic skills with your ideal industry and how do you know which security role best suits you?

First, let’s cover the skills you’ll need no matter what area of security you work in.

Working effectively in a team

Security is not a one man show, everyone is a part of the team. No matter what position you hold, you’ll all need to work together to get the job done. Being a team player and being able to collaborate are highly valued skills in every security role.

Open Communication skills

Working in security, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills. Much of the role will involve negotiating with people, helping people and communicating the rules with people. Whatever role you take in security you will need to have excellent communication skills to excel in this industry.

Approachable and confident

In security you are often the frontline worker dealing with the public. You represent the company and a position of authority and integrity. With this in mind it’s easy to see why security guards need to maintain an aura of confidence while also remaining approachable.

Good Written / Verbal skills

Security workers have a lot of paperwork to complete as part of their job. The security industry is highly regulated and so you will find that every role requires you to complete checklists and fill in reports for each shift. You’ll need excellent written skills and verbal skills as you often need to explain the rules of a venue to the public and provide assistance.

Exceptional customer service

Security roles are customer service roles, it’s your job to help people. So, you need to have exceptional customer service skills to excel in the security industry. Supplying directions, aiding people who require help and helping to solve issues are all a big part of working in the security industry.

Problem solving and conflict resolution

Problem solving skills and conflict resolution skills are highly regarded in the security industry. Thinking on your feet, de-escalating situations and resolving issues are skills that will be important to every security role.

Now with those universal security skills in mind, there are different fields in security, all of which suit different skill sets. Let’s break down the six most common types of security roles.

Security Roles

Crowd Control

Crowd Control is probably the first role you will get in security. There is a lot of work going and it’s a very flexible industry where most guards start out. To work in crowd control, you’ll also need an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol).

To excel in this role, you’ll need to be physically fit. You’ll be working long shifts on your feet and you will need to be available for shift work as there is a lot of night and weekend work available. You will also need:

  • Customer service skills

Crowd control security workers are in close contact with patrons of venues and the general public. They have to employ excellent customer service skills in their roles.

  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Working in crowd control means managing the public, the patrons and the rules of the venue, often times with impatient or unruly characters. This makes it essential that you have great conflict resolution and negotiation skills in this role.

Concierge (Corporate Security)

Concierge is a very prestigious area of security to get into. These are the security guards who work at the front desk of a fancy hotel or large corporate building. Working in concierge you’ll need:

  • Excellent presentation and communication

Being in concierge means having excellent presentation, often times you’ll have a formal uniform such as a suit. You’ll also need to have exceptional communication skills, being hospitable and going the extra mile for your clients are all a part of excelling as a concierge.

  • Conflict Negotiation

Being a concierge, conflict resolution can be more complex as you tend to present a more accommodating and less intimidating figure, so it requires a deft approach to manage conflict resolution in a role such as this.

Airport Screening

Aviation / security screening is an exciting area of security to get into, in order to work in this area, you’ll also need to complete a Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. This course is delivered through a five day face to face workshop. Airport security and screening is a highly sort after industry, there’s plenty of work for women and shift work. If you want to break inot this area of security, you’ll need the following skills to excel:

Customer Service

In airport security and screening you’re helping people and dealing with people during a very stressful moment in their lives as they head toward the gate to hop on a flight. People tend to be stressed when flying so it can be difficult to manage them and that’s why it’s so important that you have excellent customer service skills.

Personal Presentation

In airport security you need to have exceptional personal presentation. There is often a uniform and an expectation that you’ll come to work looking sharp and clean cut.

Cash in Transit and Armed Guarding

Cash-in-Transit and Armed Guarding roles are highly coveted in the security industry. These roles often pay better because they come with more risk. To work as a cash-in-transit guard you’ll need to complete the Cash-In-Transit Skill Set course and if you also want to do armed cash-in-transit (which is often the case in that field), you’ll need to complete the Firearms and Defensive Tactics course.

If you’re wanting to move into this exciting area, you’ll need a driver’s licence and to be physically fit. In cash-in-transit, you could be a plain clothes and/or uniformed guard, armed or unarmed, but these skills will help you excel in the position:

  • Attention to detail

In this role it’s essential that you are on high alert, monitoring your surroundings and assessing the situation. Attention to detail is paramount in Cash-in-Transit.

  • Discretion

Working cash-in-transit, it’s no surprise that the ability to be discrete is pretty important to excelling at the role. Especially for those working as a plain clothes cash-in-transit guards, you’ll need to be able to maneuver and do your job without raising any suspicion.


Working as a roving patrol guard is often shift work and night work, driving around checking out buildings and performing patrols. This role suits anyone who is a bit of night owl and prefers to work on their own.

In order to excel in this position, you’ll need an open driver’s licence and the ability to effectively navigate. Having solid problem solving skills will serve you well in this role when you run into issues any a premises.

Control Room

Control room operatives have to monitor the CCTV control room and report to other security staff on the situation so they can effectively deal with any issues that arise. In order to excel in a role such as this you’ll need to be able to work shift work, doing evenings, nights and weekends. You’ll also need to have the following skills:

  • Attention to detail

You’ll have to have excellent attention to detail. It can be easy to miss something important but in this role a small detail could mean a big problem if it’s not caught.

  • Ability to maintain concentration

You’ll be staring at screens with not much happening for a lot of the day, so it’s really important that you are able to maintain your concentration and not miss anything. You have to be highly vigilant to succeed in a role such as this.

  • Phone and customer service skills

You’ll be on the phone and dealing with people a lot in this role. It’s important that you are confident and comfortable. Providing customer service is a large part of the role for control room operatives, so you’ll need to have great customer service skills.

Have you determined what security role would suit you? Even if you haven’t just yet, you can get in touch with our friendly Course Advisors to discuss your situation.

If you’re ready to get started, your first step is the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations.

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