Why You Can’t Do A Security Course Online


Why you can’t do a security course online

A question we get asked a lot here at ASSET is, ‘Do you have an online security course?’

Unfortunately the answer is no. But many people are curious – why can’t you study a security course online?

The security industry is a highly regulated industry.

To be able to gain your security guard licence here in Queensland, you must complete the Certificate II in Security Operations.

This course can only be completed through a face to face workshop with online work required before and after the class.

Why do you have to attend class in person?

You have to be in the classroom so that you complete the physical training that comes with the course.

You will be learning defensive tactics and you will need to be in the classroom to physically showcase your competency in delivering holds, breaking holds and escorting people from the premises plus other tactical moves.

Benefits of being in the classroom

Our industry leading trainers provide insight to our students in the classroom environment, elaborating on the units covered and imparting wisdom from their own experiences in the field.

They offer mentorship and often continue this process after you’ve finished your course.

Many students stay in touch with their trainer and regularly seek career advice after they have completed the course.

Building your network

As well as establishing a relationship with your trainer, attending the course in person gives you a chance to build your network with other future security guards.

The students often remain in touch and having someone else to call on when you’re looking for work in the industry or a change of companies is invaluable in your career.

What do you learn in the security course?

The Certificate II in Security Operations includes everything you’ll need to get your unarmed security guard licence and get out there and start working in the field.

The course will cover your First aid as well which will be a requirement for the licence. You need to be in the classroom for First Aid in order to demonstrate techniques such as CPR and bandaging.

You’ll learn about policies and procedures, filling in reports, assessing risk, screening persons and items, patrolling, communication skills and how to de-escalate a situation. Some of these components can be delivered online and completed before attending the practical day however, they are reiterated in the face to face workshop.

The course also covers the legal and procedural practices for guards, emergency response, evacuation procedures, monitoring and controlling access of persons and vehicles to premises and protection.

Where can you take the course?

The Certificate II in Security Operations is offered at our Logan, Gold Coast, North Lakes, Townsville and Launceston campuses. Each campus is equipped with spacious classrooms, amenities and the tools used in the training such as walkie talkies, metal detector wands and gym mats for the defensive tactics.

How do you get started?

The security course is one of our most popular courses and as such we run free career information sessions to equip our students with everything they need to know to make an informed decision about joining the security industry.

You can view the times for these information sessions here.

How much does it cost?

The Certificate II in Security Operations costs $1500 through Asset College.

However many students are able to access funding for this course under the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

If you are an Australian citizen or permenant resident or on the path to residency, aged 15 years or over and you have completed and are not currently enrolled in a Certificate 3 or higher, you may be able to access this funding.

If you don’t qualify for this funding but you are currently unemployed or underemployed there may be other funding options open to you, have a chat with your job services provider about this. Alternatively, we have payment plans to suit most budgets.

If you’re interested in getting into the security industry have a chat with one of our friendly course advisors or sign up for the free information session here.

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