Women in Aviation Security Protection

aviation security protection

Women in Aviation Security Protection

Student Success Story: Lauren Paton

Lauren Paton is now a promising young Aviation Protection Officer with the Brisbane airport but as she told ASSET during a recent chat, she always had an interest in airport security and border protection.   

As a seasoned traveller Lauren was in and out of the airport check points constantly. 

“I caught the travel bug young. After many trips overseas and thus many airports I was fascinated by how everything worked.”  

Before taking the leap into aviation security Lauren worked managing bars and gaming rooms. This background in hospitality proved useful in her new security career.  

Lauren said, “My customer service background and experience made me an ideal candidate for aviation security and I was excited to see where those skills could take me in other areas.”   

Lauren says she decided it was time for a change when she found out about ASSET’s aviation security course. “I wanted to change to a job in which I was helping contribute to a larger goal of safety, proficiency and great customer experience in an area that is close to my heart.”  

She booked in to start the process.

“The training ASSET provided me was impeccable. First I undertook the Certificate II Security Operations course to obtain my QLD Security Licence. The training was interesting, comprehensive and quite entertaining! “  

Lauren was full of praise for her trainers saying, “Learning from the life experiences of the trainers and incorporating my prior knowledge of the security industry from working with guards in hospitality really made it an enjoyable experience. “  

But once she finished her Certificate II in Security Operations and began the aviation security training it was a whole other level.

“The second week of my training was the aviation security course. Everyday was awesome. Learning all the processes and procedures of X-ray screening and passenger processing.”  

The training was intensive and Lauren definitely acknowledged that saying, “Being new to the security and aviation industry, the load of new information can be overwhelming. “  

But in the end, it was worth it. Lauren felt prepared when she did transition to her new role in aviation. “This course gave me a head start and I hit the ground running when I started my new job at the airport.” 

Lauren has now been in aviation security as an APO for three years and she’s so glad she made the career change.  

She told us, “I’m still in love with the job. There are so many tasks to undertake and roles to experience.”  

One of the things Lauren loves most about being in aviation security is the opportunity for growth and the challenges it offers her.  

“In my time at the airport I have worked in the primary screening areas at both International and Domestic terminals, worked in checked baggage screening, freight screening and even had shifts training new staff and leading the team. There are endless opportunities to learn and grow.”  

If you’re thinking about the career change and moving into aviation security Lauren has some advice.

Go for it! You work within a large team of diverse people and learn something new everyday. For me it is an amazing work environment and am so grateful for the opportunity.”  

If you’re interested in knowing more about security and aviation security, you can book in for one of our free information sessions here.

Or have a chat with one of our friendly course advisors.  

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