‘I Got My Life Back!’

Security Student Success Story ‘I Got My Life Back!’ – Tess Carr

I am Tess and I found myself as an unemployed 42 year old single mum after leaving a DV marriage.

I discovered that my once assertive and independent nature was gone and I had become a shell that was only barely holding together.

Until this year I was employed by Education QLD as a Teacher’s Aide. My DV situation has caused many issues and my children needed me to be home with them so I decided to undertake further study. Not having an income made life very difficult.

I thought that becoming a Security Officer would not only increase my self-confidence but also give me more options to get some extra income in a different field.

I rang Chris from ASSET Rockhampton to enquire about doing the Certificate III in Security Operations course not long after the separation. I wanted to feel more empowered and I thought that undertaking the training would help me. I was not able to afford the course at that time as I wasn’t eligible for the concession fee.

Fast forward to a few months ago when he contacted me again after I saw the advertisement on Facebook. Next thing I know I was approved for government funding and was signed up to the course. I was nervous as hell!

Many components within the course included topics I had studied previously but attending the course reminded me of them and made me believe in myself that I could put them in place once more.

Chris from ASSET Rockhampton is a no-nonsense type of guy. He calls a spade a spade!

He was able to be serious to stress the importance of the law and matters that would assist in our safety but then he was able to have a joke and laugh that made the two weeks go so fast. I literally haven’t laughed so much in years!

I appreciated how Chris was still in the field. He wasn’t just in the teaching role but he was still aware of current issues that Security Officers face on a daily basis.

I met so many interesting characters during the course.

The other students were from all walks of life and we found ourselves bonding during the course which was facilitated by Chris and his antics. Due to Chris’s input the other students and I will be life-long friends.

We watched each other grow throughout the course and to be able to see those qualities change in a short space of time shows just how significant Chris was in that transition.

Chris not only taught me what I needed to know to be qualified in another field but he gave me my life back.

He gave me the confidence and made me realise the old assertive independent person inside was still there and she was bigger and better than before.

I am yet to gain a Security Officer position but I look forward to the adventure. I am already looking to up-skill so that I can work at an airport in the future. I know my training with Asset College will be looked upon very favourably and I anticipate this will benefit me when applying for positions.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me. You have no idea how much you have helped me or how much I truly appreciate everything you have done in such a short space of time.

Thank you to Tess for allowing us to share her story.

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