Walter Hua: Protecting People in Security

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Walter Hua: Protecting People in Security

Walter was a jobseeker looking for stable work. That’s when he found the security industry and Asset College.

Recent ASSET graduate Walter Hua has spent the last few months working as a security guard at a popular, family friendly tavern in Brisbane.

Walter says he likes that he gets to go into work everyday and protect people and this was a driving force behind his choice to study security.

“I decided to study the Certificate II in Security Operations because I like protecting people and working in venues,” Walter told ASSET in a recent discussion about his successful career since graduation.

With the economic pressures we’ve all been facing in the past couple of years Walter was looking for a career change. But he was a tad sceptical at the idea of finding something that could offer him both the stability he craved and the fulfilment of meaningful work and being able to help people. Walter found both with his role in security.

“I love being able to protect people at the venue and I found a job very quickly,” Walter said.

Walter was surprised at how relatively easy it was get into the security field. “A job in security is easy to get if you have done the training and you’ve got your licence in hand.”

Walter had a lot to say about studying with Asset College. He found the whole experience to be a positive one and says he’s been full of praise for ASSET and spreading it to anyone who’ll listen!

“I would rate Asset College 100/100. I’m very impressed with my experience there.”

In particular, Walter found his trainer Spencer to be very helpful.

“Spencer was an amazing trainer. He answered all my questions and taught us everything we need to know about working security.”

Walter said he felt the training really prepared him well for the industry saying, “Spencer taught us how to protect people and how to deal with situations as they arise.”

The atmosphere in the classroom bred comradery between the students and Walter says they have stayed in touch and everyone in his graduating class has found work in security.

“Everyone in my class has found security jobs. I’m proud to be an ASSET graduate.”

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