GA Tactical

GA Tactical

GA Tactical


Asset College has partnered with GA Tactical, industry experts in firearms training. GA Tactical not only provide guns and ammo to both recreational and occupational shooting communities, they deliver firearms safety training too.

GA Tactical is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of tactical gear and firearms. They work  to cater towards the needs of the industries that they supply. These include Law Enforcement and Security, Military, Sports and Target Shooting, Hunting, Survivalism.

Lee Haslett, the owner of GA Tactical has been in the security and firearms industries for most of his life. He established the business because he is aware of how important it is to have the right gear for the job.

GA Tactical can deliver the following qualifications on behalf of Asset College:

  • Firearms Safety Course
  • Control Security Risk situations using Firearms
  • Firearms and Defensive Tactics

Interested in training with GA Tactical or visiting their store on the Gold Coast? Visit their website.

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