Course Fees and Refund Policy | Asset College RTO #31718

Course Fees & Refund Policy

Fee Structure

Each training program offered by Asset College has a specific course fee. The course fee is the maximum fee that will be charged to the student for his/her selected training program. This fee is inclusive of:

  • Administrative fees
  • Tuition and assessment
  • Support
  • Reference materials and mandatory textbooks
  • Access to resources and equipment

Where additional resources are required such as optional textbooks and reference documents or own computer, the student will be required to supply these at their own expense. Asset College may be able to supply some of these resources at an additional cost to the total course fee on request. In these circumstances, the pre-course information will outline the additional resources required.

Students enrolling in a training program with Asset College must pay the Total Course Fee in advance or upon commencement unless they have been pre-approved for the zipMoney Payment Plan option; or unless the student has been pre-approved for funding under a Government funding program.

Click Here to download the current Course Fee schedule.

zipMoney Payment Plans

Some training programs listed on the Course Fees schedule indicate zipMoney Payment Plan option. This option allows students to apply for a 3, 6 or 12 month interest free loan to cover all or part of the cost of their qualification.

The interest free period will depend on the total course of your qualification.

Students must get pre-approval via the zipMoney pre-approval process before beginning their course. Once approved, students will be required to repay a minimum monthly amount of their qualification cost.

** zipMoney Payment Plans are not available on all training programs, all locations and are generally not available through Training Partners. Additional fees, charges, terms and conditions apply for this payment option.

Debit Success Direct Deposit

Eligible students can opt to pay their course fees off weekly/fortnightly through our Debit Success Direct Deposit Option.

There is a small service fee which is required to be paid to select this option and an up-front payment amount which is taken off the total cost of the course.

Some courses will allow you to make 12 weeks of payments or for higher qualifications there is an option for 24 weeks of payments.

The repayment amounts for Debit Success are fixed and cannot be changed. There is no interest applicable with this payment option.

Courses from $295 and over can be placed onto a Debit Success payment plan.

Should you wish to cancel your payment plan, you will need to be aware of non-refundable fees associated with cancellation. The first weekly/fortnightly instalment + debit success establishment fee, processing fee and any failed payment fees are not refundable.

Government Funding

From time-to-time Asset College gains access to Commonwealth and State funding initiatives that may contribute to some or all of the course fees for eligible participants undertaking eligible qualifications.

Information regarding this funding will be provided separately to this document and outline the specific conditions and entitlements under the relevant funding program. Students enrolling in Government subsidised qualifications must be pre-approved for funding prior to commencement of their course.

** Government Funding is not available on all training programs, all locations and are generally not available through Training Partners. You must submit a funding application and be approved as an eligible participant in funded programs.

Making Payments Options

Students may make payments to Asset College by any of the following means:

  • Cash
  • Cheque / Money Order
  • Credit Card (MasterCard and VISA only)
  • Direct Deposit
  • BPay and Australia Post BillPay (selected locations only)
  • PayPal (selected locations only)

Prior to commencement, Asset College cannot accept payments exceeding $1000 per student. Upon commencement, the maximum that Asset College can accept is $1500 per student attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student.

Where the total course exceeds $2500, the zipMoney Payment Plan or Debit Success option will be used. This process is designed to protect and safeguard the student fees and ensure that students are not disadvantaged.


All Nationally Recognised Qualifications, Accredited Courses and Units of Competency delivered by Asset Training Australia are GST-Free in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office GST Rulings GSTR 2000/27, GSTR 2001/1 and GSTR 2003/1.

Payment Receipts

A tax invoice / receipt will be issued for all payments made by the receiving Franchise office or Training Partner.

General Information On Refunds

Asset College complies with Australian Consumer Law in regard to refunds. We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the course that you chose to enrol into. However, we may provide a refund or partial refund in the following circumstances.

Processing of Refunds

  • All refunds will be processed by the same method that the payment was received (ie. if paid by credit card, the payment will be refunded to the same card).
  • All applications for a refund are required to be reviewed by anauthorised Manager for approval and will only be considered if all other options (eg. deferral of course, transfer of fees to another course, etc.) have been considered.
  • Refunds as a result of an error or change by ASSET will be processed within 10 business days; all other refund requests will be reviewed and processed within 30 days.

Terms for Refunds Where A Student Submits A Cancellation of Enrolment Request and Refund

Face-to-Face Courses
Where the course is delivered entirely face-to-face. eg. White Card, RSA, Firearms Safety, etc.
A full refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled at least 10 business days prior to commencement.

A 50% refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled at least 5 business days prior to commencement.

No refund will be provided after 5 business days prior to commencement has passed.

No refund will be permitted after course commencement of if student fails to attend on the scheduled commencement date.

Online / External Courses
Where the course is delivered entirely online or through external study. eg. Investigations, Leadership and Management, etc.
A full refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled prior to the commencement date of the first unit and if access to resources has not been provided yet (either online or by post).

A 50% refund is permitted if the enrolment is cancelled within 5 business days of the scheduled commencement date of the first unit and if the resources have been returned unused.

No refund will be provided after 5 business days prior to commencement has passed.

No refund will be permitted after the scheduled course commencement unless the above criteria applies.

Blended Courses
Where the course is delivered through a mix of face-to-face and online/external study. eg. Security Operations, First Aid, etc.
If the face-to-face component of the course is scheduled to commence first, the refund policy for face-to-face courses applies.

If the online/external component of the course is scheduled to commence first, the refund policy for online/external courses applies.

RPL Applications
Where the student requests an enrolment entirely (or predominately) through and RPL pathway. eg. Advanced Diploma of Business, etc.
50% of the total course fee is payable on enrolment, this fee is non-refundable.

Fees in excess of the 50% deposit are fully refundable if the enrolment is cancelled within 30 days of commencement or if the student is not eligible for RPL based on the evidence provided.

No refund will be permitted if the student fails to provide sufficient evidence to support their RPL application.

Government Funded Courses
Where the course is subsidised by State or Federal Government funding programs and the student pays a co-contribution fees. eg. C3G or HLS funded courses.
A full refund of the co-contribution fees is permitted if the funding application is withdrawn or it is determined that the applicant is not eligible for funding.

No refund will be permitted if the application has been processed and it is determined that the student is eligible for funding.

Terms for Refunds in other circumstances

Transaction Error by ASSET
eg. charged the incorrect rate or processed payment twice
A full refund of amounts charged incorrectly is permitted.
Change of Course by ASSET
eg. Change of course location or commencement date
A full refund of training that has not been commenced is permitted. Where training has commenced, a pro-rata refund is permitted where the student is eligible to receive a statement of attainment for the training that has been completed.
Change of Student Circumstances
eg. moved location, changed job or work requirements
No refund will be permitted for these circumstances unless a refund is permitted in another section of this policy.
Extenuating Circumstances
eg. Serious injury or illness not known at the time of enrolment
A partial refund may be permitted for training that has not been commenced. This partial refund will not exceed 80% of the course fees paid. No refund will be permitted for training that has commenced.
Discounted Courses
eg. special offers, promotions and discounts offered by ASSET
Unless specifically stated in the terms and conditions of the discount offer prior to enrolment, discounted courses are subject to the same refund policies as all other courses.
Complaints and Appeals
Where the student is not satisfied with the quality of the course or the assessment outcome
A partial refund may be permitted following an investigation of a formal complaint or appeal where it is determined that ASSET have not provided the required level of service. However, if the correct complaints or appeals process is not followed by the student, no refund will be permitted.

Note that if a certificate has been issued and a refund is authorised, the certificate will be revoked. Receiving a certificate or a statement of attainment and receiving a refund is not permitted.

Payment to Third Party
eg. payment is made to a franchise, training partner, broker, agent or another party for enrolment into a course with ASSET
ASSET’s franchises will adhere to this refund policy. Other third parties may determine other refund policies and provide them to perspective students prior to enrolment. Where the third party has a formal agreement with ASSET and they do not specify their own refund policy then they will adhere to this policy.

ASSET will not make any refunds to students or others where a payment was made to a third party.