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Crossbow Safety Course (Category M)

This firearms safety course covers the safe usage of Category M weapons (Crossbow safety).

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10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety (approved for firearms licensing in Queensland) – CATEGORY M CROSSBOWS

Crossbows are classed as a Category M weapon in QLD. They can be used for sports and target shooting, as well as recreational shooting on a property. Unlike firearms, they are quiet and the bolts travel shorter distances than projectiles making them a great alternative to firearms on smaller properties; or perhaps something for the avid bow hunter to consider.

A basic introduction to crossbows, this course encompasses the essential skills and knowledge in relation to weapons legislation, crossbows in the community, licensing requirements, safe handling, safe storage and transport as well as a range of additional information that is essential for all arbalests. The course content is covered through a range of mediums including classroom-based theory, practical handling of a crossbow and a live fire activity on an approved range.

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety (Approved for Firearms Licensing in Queensland).

This course meets the training requirements to apply for a QLD Weapons Licence for Category M Crossbows.

Entry Requirements

In order to participate in this course, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be over 18 years of age (or have written consent from parent/guardian to attend)
  2. Must not have any physical or other impairment which would prevent you from handling firearms safely – if unsure, seek advice from your GP or contact us to discuss suitability
  3. Must not have any criminal convictions (relating to drug use, violence or weapons) in the past five years
  4. Must not have been a subject to a domestic violence order in the past five years
  5. Must not have been a subject to an involuntary mental health order in the past five years

Units of Competency

This course includes the following unit of competency:

  • WSCQPS006A Use crossbow lawfully, responsibly and safely.

Delivery Options

This course is delivered face-to-face over 4 hours including a live fire range practice at an approved range.


After completing this course, participants may be interested in attending further firearms training with Asset Training Australia including:

Crossbow Licensing

Crossbow Licensing in QLD is administered by the QLD Police Weapons Licensing Branch. Information regarding the licence application process is provided during the course. For more information about licensing or to lodge an online application click here.

Note – as part of the licence application, applicants are required to submit evidence of their genuine reason for a firearms licence. Examples of this include:

Sports/Target Shooting Membership of a crossbow club
Recreational Shooting (Hunting) Details of your property or a letter from a property owner granting permission to use their property
Occupational Requirement (including Primary Producers) Details of your property and the requirement for firearms or a letter from your employer outlining the requirement for you to use firearms
Collection of Weapons Letter outlining the weapons to be collected or membership of an approved firearms collectors guild

Course Fees

Course fees vary depending on the location and delivery mode of the course. This is due to the differences in range fees in different locations.

Townsville $320
North Lakes $150
Gold Coast $150
Toowoomba $150



“Please pass my best thanks to Mark for the reloading course on Saturday.
From his dedication to teach, I learnt a lot in a short time and I feel confident now to go into reloading by myself. I won’t hesitate to come again for another course.

Daniel Pasquelin

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