Finding Flexible Jobs with No Experience – The Achievable Pipe Dream

flexible jobs no experience

Finding Flexible Jobs with No Experience – The Achievable Pipe Dream

After a year of redundancies, lockdowns and working remotely many of us are trying to find that elusive work / life balance.

For lots of people this means a career shift, perhaps you were made redundant during COVID or maybe you realised your job isn’t making you happy.

Whatever the reason may be you’re looking for two things in your next role, flexibility and something that doesn’t require a lot of experience.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for those looking for a career change and ASSET has just the course to help you find that flexible job with little to no experience.


There is always work in the security sector, during a year where other industries failed, shut down or laid off staff, the security industry thrived.

The course will only take 8 days to complete plus self-paced study and there is government funding for eligible participants you can look at if finances are bit tight.

Previous ASSET graduate Leanne decided to broaden her horizons after COVID 19 hit the airline industry hard.

After completing her Certificate II in Security Operations, Leanne was pleasantly surprised to be offered work so quickly. “It was a very quick turnaround from phone interview to starting my first shift in a Gatehouse Security Officer Position. When it was confirmed that I was successful for the position I had 11 shifts immediately to start with.”

And she’s found the support in the industry for new guards refreshing. “The guards that I work with have been fabulous. The whole company is very supportive and are willing to support me, knowing that I am green!”

Come along to a free information session to learn about how you can get a started in security.


Though the hospitality industry was hit hard by the lockdowns last year, it’s back, open for business and looking for people to fill the roles left behind by those who moved on during the lockdowns.

To work in this industry, you’ll need good customer service skills, to be quick on your feet and to get a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. ASSET run a half-day face to face workshop to gain this certificate.


If you’re not feeling the office grind of the 9-5 anymore you might want to think about moving into construction. The industry is always looking for people and you’ll just need a White Card to get started.

Virtual Assistant 

If you are wanting to have some freedom and be your own boss, why not think about becoming a virtual assistant?

VAs can help with anything from scheduling and answering emails to book keeping, social media marketing or administration.

They get to chose what work they do as they are sole traders and invoice their clients for the jobs they complete.

VAs tend be less stressed, one study found that 37% of office workers reported higher anxiety levels from work stress compared with just 17% of remote workers. To get into this exciting field consider doing courses in Administration or Customer Engagement.

Not sure which industry would be right for you?

Contact us and we can help you find the right course to get that flexible job with little no previous experience.

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