Kicked from the Kerbside to Security!

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Kicked from the Kerbside to Security!

Bailey wasn’t literally kicked from the kerbside…

However, before starting his career in security he was a Kerbside Team Leader at Brisbane Airport. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 arrived, this made it difficult for Bailey to have any certainty in his current employment. He also felt that he had reached a supervisor position and there wasn’t many further opportunities for career progression.

When thinking about what roles would be suitable for him, Bailey identified that the security industry would be good as he had the transferable skill set that was required.

Bailey selected Asset College as his training provider after a quick google search.

“Asset College was the most highly recommended that I found on Google when searching for security courses”.

Bailey completed his security course at North Lakes, training with James Hickey.

“Training was great. James was one of the most charismatic and real trainers I have ever encountered. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience”.

On completion of his training it was time to start looking for his first security role! Rebecca Cuneo worked with Bailey to find a company that was most suited to him with a great entry level position. Ultimately, Bailey secured employment with Securecorp as a Loss Prevention Guard at Westfield.

“Thanks to Rebecca I was able to nail that one down. I have my induction coming up and then I get started!”

Bailey says that the security industry is an avenue that can provide opportunities in many different fields and would really suit any type of person. There is something for everybody.

“It was awesome. A great experience. I really look forward to training further with Asset College and to continue to work with the employment team for any of my future recruitment needs!”

Thank you to Bailey for sharing his story.

Were you affected by COVID-19 and have a transferable skill set that would suit the security industry? Start by attending one of our Free Career Information Sessions! You could soon be attending your security course at North Lakes and starting on a new career journey too!

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