Tips to securing your entry level security position

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“Last week, I had completed around 10 applications for security jobs since the resume had been completed. Then, I got a call from a security company for an interview and I was signed there and then for a Security JOB on a casual basis. It’s a start and I am very happy with the time frame in which this has all occurred” – Keith Holman, Security Trainee

Keith completed his security operations course with Asset College at the end of last year and has already secured his first security job! How you ask?

Not only did Keith put in the hard work in his job search, he successfully utilised the help that was available to him through Asset College with his resume, specific training and industry contacts!

Here’s what Keith did…

Your Resume (Tips!)

  • Name, email and phone number at the top
  • Put your suburb but no need to put your street address (this protects your privacy)
  • Divide the resume into 4 sub-sections:
    •  Profile
    • Education
    • Career or professional history (instead of work history) – year to year is sufficient
    • Professional references
  • Do not include a hobbies section
  • Write your resume in 3rd person e.g. “instead of I performed the duties of a security officer, try, “performed the duties of a security officer”
  • Leave out unrelated education or older than 10 years e.g. if you have a Diploma, your high school isn’t relevant nor is your certificate in brick laying
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12
  • Length: 2 pages maximum

Check out a sample resume here!

The Interview (Tips!)

  • Do your research
    • Find out about the company – how long they have been around for, their reputation, the kinds of security work they do
    • Think what questions they may ask and consider how best to answer them
  • Dress to impress (you are applying for a “uniformed” position where presentation is important. Smart professional e.g. business shirt/trousers or blouse/business style skirt or pants)
  • Be at least 15 minutes early….arrive relaxed and not stressed. Go to the toilet – either to relieve your bladder or to wash and dry your hands and make sure you look presentable.
  • Ask questions (This shows that you are keen and also that you are doing your homework)
  • Talk about customer service first – this is what the industry is all about. Although you may know how to handle things if/when they get rough, employers want to know that you can talk to people

For all information and help regarding security careers, resumes, searching for jobs or contacts in the industry feel free to contact us!

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