New Security Management Courses

security management courses

New Security Management Courses

In the vocational education and training industry, qualifications change all the time. Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) are responsible for ensuring the nationally recognised qualifications within their areas provide students with the skills needed for the workforce.

Workforce skill needs are constantly changing as a result of external and internal forces and it is important that each industry is able to either up-skill current employees or recruit new ones who have the most current and up-to-date skills for their particular industry.

This year, we saw a number of changes to the security management courses as a result of industry collaboration and review by ISCs. As a result, three new security management courses were released.

These qualifications supersede their predecessors. Some units of competency within the new security management courses are non-equivalent; meaning the changes are too significant within the unit to say they provide similar skills and knowledge as the previous. This shows us that there have been changes to the required skills in the security management workforce and where we must up-skill or fill the gaps.

CPP41519 Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis

One of the new security management courses is the Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis. This is a brand new qualification with no predecessors. For anyone wishing to operate as a Security Consultant in NSW this is the new qualification that has been approved by SLED for this type of licence.

Previously, the qualification was Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management. This old qualification will continue being accepted until 28 of September 2021. For any new enrolments it is recommended to enrolled into the CPP41519 Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis. ASSET’s course covers all units required for the 2A licence. You can view more information on the SLED website here.

CPP40719 Certificate IV in Security Management

The introduction of the new security management courses meant that instead of one Certificate IV level qualification there was now two that each contained different outcomes.

This qualification, CPP40719 is the qualification that supersedes the previous CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management. The new qualification is equivalent to its predecessor but there have been some changes to the units of competency which you should review on your enrolment.

The changes to the qualification are as follows:

Changed packaging arrangements including reduction in total number of units and changed core and elective requirements. Streaming introduced to align occupational specialisations with industry requirements. You can read more on

CPP50619 Diploma of Security and Risk Management

One of the biggest changes to security management courses can be seen in the new Diploma of Security Risk Management. While on first review, it seems that only the ‘and’ has been removed from the qualification name but there is a lot more to it than that!

The previous qualification had no pre-requisite requirements so anybody with the appropriate level of language, literacy and numeracy could enter. Now, before entering this qualification students must have completed one of the Certificate IV’s in security risk analysis, security management or the superseded qualification security and risk management before gaining entry to this qualification!

Therefore, anyone who has no previous study experience in the security management area would always start at a Certificate IV.

Have questions about the changes to these qualifications? Our team can help. Call us on 1300 731 602 or email [email protected].

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