Security Training Course Unpacked

security training

Security Training Course Unpacked

If you’re considering undertaking security training to become a Security Officer in QLD, we’ve unpacked everything you will learn.

While it may seem pretty straight forward at the outset, there is a lot involved with the security industry and security training requirements.

We have the best trainers by far who have decades of experience in the industry but whose knowledge and skills are current from still being active within that industry.

Check out Asset College’s security training course unpacked! This outline relates to the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations course.

Day 1

Day 1 will start with a very generalised approach. You’ll receive an induction as well as an overview of general security industry knowledge. Following on from this we will dive into the legal awareness part of the course so you know the laws you and others must abide by.

Day 2

On day 2 we start out with work on teamwork and leadership which is extremely important in the security industry. This is followed by client services and understanding the needs of the organisations that you are employed to assist. The day ends with discussions on communication and how important this is to your role in the industry.

Day 3

The morning session of day 3 will focus on security equipment where we outline and learn how to use the equipment required by Security Officers to carry out their roles. This is followed by risk management to ensure that all graduates understand how to assess risks and implement risk controls on the job. Finally, we cover duties and responsibilities of a Security Officer.

Day 4

As we move into the crux of the course, we begin to discuss crowd control which is a large part of the security training course as it is where most of the work is. At the end of day 4 we learn how to screen people. This involves both screening individual persons as well as their belongings to maintain security particularly when it comes to large venues.

Day 5

On the 5th day of the security training course (which is usually a Friday), we will cover the basics of cash in transit and bodyguarding. Although there are further requirements outside of the Certificate II in Security Operations course to be able to work in these areas. This is followed by a full afternoon of putting what has been learnt into practice by going through scenarios that you may encounter int eh industry.

Day 6

A full day of First Aid which includes Provide CPR. Essential to gaining your Security Licence.

Day 7

A full day of defensive tactics! Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing.

Day 8

And finally, day 8 is where we bring it all together. A full day of scenarios again, implementing the knowledge that has been learnt throughout the security course.

Keep in mind that outside of the face to face training there will be pre-reading for you to complete so that you have the background knowledge and any assessment tasks not completed will need to be completed in your own time.

But, now that you know all about what’s involved in the security training course – learn about the career and perhaps funding opportunities available by booking for an online or face to face Free Information Session!

You can also check out the security licensing requirements in QLD here.

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