Why Should I Study A Certificate III?

why should I study a certificate iii

Why Should I Study A Certificate III?

If you’re looking to change careers or find a steady job, a Certificate III qualification could be just the thing to help you achieve your goals! 

Certificate III qualifications are entry-level and they can help you get started in a different career or improve your chances of getting employment in a career you already have some work experience in.  

Many people feel studying isn’t for them. Perhaps they didn’t excel at school, or they are a bit worried about studying again. But the good news is an entry-level qualification such as a Certificate III can be completed in a shorter time frame and with vocational qualifications, you can seek support from your trainer throughout your studies.  

Certificate III qualifications can help you level up your career or even change careers entirely.

Here are just a few reasons why you should study a Certificate III.

Improve your chances of employment  

A Certificate III qualification will give you all the base knowledge and skills you’ll need for your chosen industry. Completing study shows your commitment and passion for an industry and helps you to stand out from other applicants.  

There are many careers where entry-level qualifications are required before you can begin employment. For example in the security industry, you need to complete training and gain a licence before you can begin your career. A certificate qualification can open doors for you to many new employment opportunities.  

Change Careers  

If you’ve been toiling away in your current industry for years and you’re looking for a change, a certificate qualification can help you do that.

While there are always transferable skills you can bring to a new industry, studying a course that gives you all the skills and the basics can help you get started.

An entry-level qualification can be your ticket to a brand new career.  

Make Contacts and Meet People  

A face-to-face course is a great way to meet people from all different backgrounds and with a variety of different skills sets.

Meeting new people gives you the opportunity to network and grow your contact list in your new industry. This can open more doors and new opportunities for you as you forge a path in your chosen career.  

Government Funding  

With Certificate III courses being the entry pathway for many roles, a number of them can be covered under funding.

It is usual for government’s and industry bodies to target qualifications that will help fill skills gaps in specific industries. For example, we have a shortage of Private Investigators in QLD. So, the qualification required to gain this licence is funded under the QLD Government’s Certificate 3 Guarantee program.

Another example would be the need for higher level skills in the construction industry. That is why Construction Skills Queensland offer to fund most of the cost of courses such as Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety for eligible workers in the construction industry.

Career Options  

There are so many wonderful industries you can work in with a Certificate III qualification. From security to small business, retail and many adminisstrative roles, there are some great industries to break into.  

Here are six industries that you can enter with a Certificate III or below level qualification.


The security industry is a fantastic career option for the right candidate. Security gives you the opportunity for a career where you get to help people and you have a huge variety of specialisations and types of security you can move into. From loss presentation to corporate concierge, cash-in-transit, close protections and K9 security, there are so many ways to level up your career in security.  

To get started in the security industry you need to complete the Certificate II in Security Operations. This entry-level qualification is only available face to face. Durations differ depending on the state you wish to become licensed. 

The Certificate II in Security Operations covers everything you’ll need to know to begin your career in security including effective communication and negotiation skills, patrolling premises and screening people, monitoring and controlling access to a premises, crowd control and how to safely remove persons from a premises.  

Transport Security 

Getting into airport security is a goal for many security guards. Airport security teams support the airline staff and keep the passengers safe. You could be in passenger screening or cargo, there are a lot of different options to explore in transport and airport security.  

To move into the airport/transport security area you’ll need to complete the Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. This is a legislated requirement for all Australian screeners. ASSET has specialised equipment used in the industry to deliver realistic, hands-on training for this course.  

Business Administration  

If you’re looking to make the move into a more corporate or office-type environment, then the Certificate III in Business with a specialisation in administration will help you get there. This course can be completed entirely online so you can start anytime and study from anywhere in Australia. It can take from six months to twelve months to complete depending on the delivery mode you choose.  

In the course you’ll learn how to use digital technologies, write simple documents, organise your work priorities, process financial transactions and maintain business resources. This course will give you all the basics you need to get started in the business and administration field. There are so many opportunities to level up from business administration and climb that corporate ladder. It all starts with the Certificate III in Business (Administration).

Investigative Services  

Investigations is an exciting field. As a Private Investigator you can do surveillance, research, lead investigations, gather evidence for law firms and locate missing people. To get into the investigations industry you’ll need to complete the Certificate III in Investigative Services. This course is delivered online. You will also need to apply for a licence on completion of your training in your state or territory.

During your course you’ll have access to a dedicated trainer who has experience in the industry, and you’ll learn how to investigate and locate subjects, prepare and present evidence in a court, develop investigation reports, produce a formal interview and take statements, conduct surveillance and much more.  

This is a fantastic career path for those who are interested in investigations and are able to adhere strictly to the laws and requirements in the industry. 


Retail is an industry where there is always work available. If you’re looking to shift into the retail industry you can get started with a Certificate III in Retail

In the course you’ll gain all the basic skills you need to move into the retail industry. You’ll learn how to sell products, provide customer service, ensure safety and security in the retail environment, work with some independence and monitor day-to-day operations.  

Small Business 

Ever fancied running your own business? There’s a great course that can help you get all the skills you’ll need to successfully launch and run your own business. It’s called the Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business 

In this course you’ll learn how to research business opportunities, figure out your finances, understand and apply taxation and insurance requirements, network like a pro and how to get clients.  

This is the perfect course for someone who is ready to embark on the exciting journey to owning their own business or has already started!

Final Thoughts  

An entry level qualification such as a Certificate III can open so many doors for you. From levelling up your career to embracing a new one.

You can check out our courses here or get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you find the right Certificate III course for you! 

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