Security Licence Application Explained

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Security Licence Application Explained

So, you have completed your security training and now need to apply for your security licence! Like many other government licensing or application processes it’s not always simple to understand.

The first thing to consider when applying for a security licence is the eligibility criteria. Realistically, this should have been considered prior to entering your training.

To be eligible for a QLD Security Providers licence you must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • not pose a risk to public safety
  • have not been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the past 10 years, where a conviction was recorded.

If you have in fact been found guilty of an offence but no conviction was recorded in the last 5 years you will need to tell the Office of Fair Trading this. They may ask for further clarification around this to confirm that you do not pose a risk to public safety.

The actual licence application

The first thing you will need to do is fill out the actual licence application which can be found here.

Make sure that you use your full legal name and that you are selecting the right functions for the training that you have completed. If you have completed the new CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations then you will be applying for a multi-function licence with Security Officer (Unarmed), Crowd Control and Monitoring. This will be an unrestricted licence.

Restricted licences are only used for people who have not completed training and are going to be working under direct supervision.

Use a black or blue pen and use block letters.

When you get to the section about previous licences, this is only if you have previously held a security licence and you know the number. It is not about any other types of licences.

Everything else in the security licence application should be straight forward as it is all about you.

Supporting documentation

With your security licence you will need to provide copies of your training certificates as well as ID documentation. We suggest that you go into the Office of Fair Trading to submit your application as you will then be able to take your original documents and these will be sighted by the person processing your application.

If you are planning on posting your security licence application then all of the ID documents and your certificates will need to be photocopied and those copies certified by a Justice of the Peace. Do not send your original documents to the Office of Fair Trading via the post.

You will also need a current photograph of yourself to include with your application. These are passport size photos which you can get at your local post office. You can’t include selfies or any other type of photo, it must be passport quality.

Other things you need to do

Once you have submitted your licence application to the Office of Fair Trading (not before) and they have received it you will then be instructed to get your fingerprinting done. You don’t need to provide a criminal history check as the Office of Fair Trading will complete this in house.

The only criminal history check you may need to provide is if you are a NZ citizen or permanent resident. If you have lived in NZ then you will need to contact the licensing department in NZ to request a copy of your criminal history that can be included with your licence application. It is recommended you do this very early as they can take quite some time and it could delay your ability to start work.

If you have already been fingerprinted for any other reason by QLD police, this does not matter (and hopefully you haven’t been!). You will need to complete the fingerprinting process as outlined by the OFT.

Once you have been advised in writing by the OFT that you can go and get your fingerprinting done you need to contact your local police station to make an appointment. Not all police stations have the ability to do this so making the appointment is really important to not waste your time.

Once these steps have been completed

Once all of these steps are completed, we recommend you book into Asset College’s Pre-Screening for Employment sessions. At these sessions we take you through the security industry in relation to job opportunities and what you need to do. Once you have attended a session you will then be eligible to participate in ASSET’s Employer Connection events and our employer referral program.

New to the industry and want to find out more about how to get a security licence? Book for one of our Free Security Career Info sessions!

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