Become a Security Officer In Darwin, NT

security officer in darwin

Become a Security Officer in Darwin, NT

How do I become a Security Officer in Darwin?

  1. Meet the entry requirements for security licensing in the NT
  2. Successfully complete a CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations course
  3. Complete NT Police Fingerprint Check
  4. Get a Police History Check
  5. Pay Your Licensing Fee
  6. Submit Online Licence Application

When would you need a Security Licence?

Anybody who wants to work in the security field needs ot be licensed. The basic function of a Security Officer is to patrol or guard another persons property, control or monitor behaviour, screen people at entry or remove people from venues such as:

  • licensed liquor venues
  • entertainment venues
  • public places
  • public functions
  • private functions.

The Security Training and Licence Process Explained

Before you start exploring whether or not becoming a Security Officer in the NT is right for you, make sure that you meet the entry requirements. People who have previously had contact with police are less likely to be granted a Security Licence. It is important that you know whether this might apply to you BEFORE enrolling in your course. View those entry requirements here.

Asset College is also not a CRICOS registered training organisation and therefore you cannot enrol if you are on a student visa.

Before enrolling in the course you will need to undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment to ensure that your LLN levels will allow you to understand all components of the course.

If you meet the entry requirements, you can then proceed to your training. The new qualification is CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations for those wishing to become a Security Officer in Darwin. The superseded qualification is CPP20212. If you hold the old qualification but never applied for your licence or never kept your licence current, you will need to sit the training for CPP20218 in full to meet the new licensing standards.

The course requires pre-reading as well as attendance at an 8 day workshop followed by self-paced study to meet all the requirements of the course. This also includes First Aid training. On successful completion of your course, Asset College will issue you with a qualification which you will need to supply to NT licensing to apply for your Security Officer in Darwin Licence.

You will be required to go into the local police station to complete your fingerprint check and you will need to apply for a Criminal History check too. This is because those entering the security industry must be fit and proper persons to hold a licence that gives them power to protect the property of others.

After this is completed and you pay your fee online while submitting your final application paperwork it can take a couple of weeks before your licence is issued.

Provisional Licences

What is different about the Northern Territory than other Australian states and territories in regards to security licensing is that the NT Government still allow provisional licences.

Provisional licences allow you to work as a Security Officer straight away under supervision. This allows you to sustain an income while you are undertaking your training and then waiting for your offical Security Licence to be issued. So, this may be something worth talking to potential employers about.

What’s next?

Asset College works closely with MSS Security in the top end to help you gain employment as a Security Officer in Darwin. While we can never guarantee students jobs, we can assure you that our reputation for exceptional security training is nationwide and our focus is on preparing you for the realities of the security industry.

Have questions? Contact our team via email or phone 1300 731 602.

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